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Active Student vs. Passive Student: Serious About School?

There are two types of students, active and passive. Each type of student pursues their education differently. The more committed the student is to achieving a goal related to education the more active they are likely to be. The passive type generally fails to find a great deal of satisfaction or accomplishment as a student. This difference can affect the students... read more »
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Crocs vs. Uggs

Love em or hate em, Crocs and Uggs have undoubtedly captured the world's imagination in a way that few footwear brands have. Both offering a distinctive take on traditional footwear design, these two brands are worthy of closer comparison, such as we provide in this article. Profile Crocs is produced by Crocs, Inc., a shoe company founded by George B. Boedecker,... read more »
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Steve Wozniak vs. Steve Jobs

Apple is one of the most iconic names in the computer industry, and the two men who were largely instrumental in its establishment–Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak–are no less legendary. When the two set up shop in 1976, little did the world know just how significant an impact the company will make in computer technology. The Apple Corporation is still in existence and in... read more »
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Organic Eggs vs. Cage Free Eggs vs. Free Range Eggs

Eggs are laid by birds, reptiles, fish, a few primitive mammals and amphibians. They have a sphere or oval shaped thin crust with colors ranging from white (chicken eggs) to yellow sprinkled with greenish and brownish spots (quail eggs) protecting the albumen and the yolk in the center. Their size varies from species to species. An ostrich’s eggs are bigger than hen eggs.... read more »
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Edocr.Com vs. Scribd.Com

Document storage continues to be an integral part of the web experience, and services such as Edocr.Com and Scribd.Com have begun offering a variety of opportunities by which storing and sharing content on the web has become smart. Profile Edocr.Com is a service that allows users to upload documents and grant other people to access these documents, enabling them to... read more »
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