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Gemstones vs. Diamonds
Gemstones and diamonds might sound similar to many of those out there. Diamond is part of the gemstone group but it is distinguished in the manner in which Diamond is mined out of carbon...
comparison topics: Gemstones, Diamonds
Ruby vs. Emerald
Gemstones have always been a source of attraction. Earth herself has created such exotic gemstone creations that man can never thank her in the way she deserves. Gemstones are minerals...
comparison topics: Ruby, Emerald
Gold vs. Platinum: My precious!
Gold and platinum are both, as we call them - “precious metals”. Rarity can be one of the reasons for these metals being called precious, although properties like malleability, ductility,...
comparison topics: Gold, Platinum
CZ Jewelry vs. Diamond Jewelry
Ask almost anyone and their first choice in jewelry would be diamondsif money was no object of course. Unfortunately, not everyone is in a position to purchase a "woman's best friend"...
comparison topics: CZ Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry
Bloomingdales vs. Nordstrom: Fashionable Shopping
When it comes to shopping, few companies have the same renown that Bloomingdales enjoys. That being said, there are a number of other stores and department store chains that are making a...
comparison topics: Bloomingdales, Nordstrom
Rolex vs. Omega Watches
When you think about luxury wristwatches, two popular brands instantly come to mind - Rolex and Omega. Both of these wristwatches are symbols of status and exclusivity, and both are...
comparison topics: Rolex, Omega watches
22 Karat Gold vs. 14 Karat Gold: Which is the Richest Golden Hue?
Gold jewelry is very attractive and durable, whether it is white, yellow, or rose gold. Most consumers buy 14 karat gold, which is more readily available in jewelry stores. The majority...
comparison topics: 22 Karat Gold, 14 Karat Gold
Kay Jewelers vs. Zales
Kay Jewelers and Zales are both jewelry stores that can be found in most shopping malls across the country. Because of this convenience many buy their jewelry from these two companies....
comparison topics: Kay Jewelers, Zales
Yellow Gold vs. White Gold
When the subject of gold comes up, what many people think of first is the traditional yellow gold that has been the most recognizable form of the precious metal. In recent years however,...
comparison topics: Yellow Gold, White Gold
Swarovski Crystal vs. Diamond
The value and universal appeal of the diamond cannot be denied, although the Swarovski Crystal does have a strong following of its own. Offering a worthy alternative to the timeless...
comparison topics: Swarovski Crystal, Diamond
Guess vs. Gucci: Classic Brands from Head to Toe
Gucci is of course known as one of the worlds most distinguished brands of clothing, but Guess certainly isn't too shabby either. Both offering high-quality clothes and accessoriesalbeit...
comparison topics: Guess, Gucci