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Olive Oil vs. Vegetable Oil
Oil, it's what we love to cook with. Oil can make an ordinary food dish look appetizing. In fact, some people find that anything that you deep fry in oil is far more appealing to the old...
comparison topics: Olive Oil, Vegetable Oil
White Eggs vs. Brown Eggs
If you’re a foodie and even if you are not, you must have come across opinions about two kinds of eggs or at least heard of them – white and brown. Eggs are an integral part of any...
comparison topics: White Eggs, Brown Eggs
Ghee vs. Butter
Milk is used to make many dairy products such as butter, cheese, yogurt, milk powder and many others. They are recommended to be a part of each man dietary habits as they provide the...
comparison topics: Ghee, Butter
Food Network vs. Cooking Channel: Something Smells Good!
Food lovers and would be chefs certainly have it good nowadays. In addition to the high number of Internet resources for anything and everything that has to do with food, there are also...
comparison topics: Food Network, Cooking Channel
Onions vs. Shallots
Allium is a genus of flowering plants including species widely used for cooking, such as onions, shallots, leeks, scallions, garlic and chives. It groups almost 750 species. They are...
comparison topics: Onions, Shallots
Electric Stoves vs. Gas Stoves
Electricity and gas can both be used to provide the heat that is needed for cooking. Electric stoves and gas stoves are both very popular. Some people prefer one type of stove over the...
comparison topics: Electric Stoves, Gas Stoves
Trans Fat vs. Saturated Fat: Links to Bad Cholesterol
Contrary to what most people think, fat is actually an important part of the diet. A certain amount of fat is good for you, but you do have to make the distinction between the "good"...
comparison topics: Trans Fat, Saturated Fat
Hell's Kitchen vs. Top Chef
Reality shows are one of the newer big top rating providers for most American television networks. This is due to the fact that users can relate easier to people they see on TV and are...
comparison topics: Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef
Alfalfa vs. Bean Sprouts
Alfalfa and beans are leguminous plants that can be eaten by humans. Both are commonly eaten in the form of sprouts, which are the young growth of the plant that appear in the earliest...
comparison topics: Alfalfa, Bean Sprouts
Mexican Food vs. American Food
One would think that Mexican food and American food are so different that a comparison is not only unlikely but also totally futile. However, the fact is that as seemingly different as they...
comparison topics: Mexican Food, American Food
Shortening vs. Lard
Shortening and lard are both fats that are often used in cooking. Lard can be thought of as a type of shortening, although other types of fat can also be considered to be shortening....
comparison topics: Shortening, Lard
Cuisinart vs. KitchenAid: Modern Kitchen Appliances
Nowadays, we need all the help we can get with our household chores. With more and more homes now being made up of two working adults, there simply isn't as much time to spend on household...
comparison topics: Cuisinart, KitchenAid