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Vacuum vs. Pressure: Ear Popping Facts
Vacuum and pressure may seem like two atmospheric phenomena that are fairly obvious in their manifestations–and in fact, they often are–but it may surprise you to know how often they occur...
comparison topics: Vacuum, Pressure
Fluoride vs.Oxybenzone: Be Aware of Common Additives
In recent years, both fluoride and oxybenzone has been revealed to be potentially dangerous additives to things such as toothpaste and sunscreens. Children in particular seem to be at risk...
comparison topics: Fluoride, Oxybenzone
Chicken vs. Egg: Which came first?
The domestication of the chicken occurred on the Asian continent in Vietnam. The bird was imported into Greece in the 5th century B.C. and were introduced to other continents as well....
comparison topics: Chicken, Egg
Earthquakes vs. Aftershocks: Rumblings Under Foot
Nature has given mankind and other creatures on this Earth the gift of life. Nature can bring down water from the heavens and quench the thirst of the thirsty soil. That soil in turn...
comparison topics: Earthquakes, Aftershocks