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American Express vs. Visa
Deciding to choose between using a Visa or American Express card is determined by individual needs and wants. Both of these card issuers have a good reputation and provide different...
comparison topics: American Express, Visa
Notes vs. Bonds vs. Bills
Because of the economic crisis that we are experiencing at present, a lot of people turn to financial institutions for loans, especially on a long term just to make ends meet. But because...
comparison topics: Notes, Bonds, Bills
Prepaid Cards vs. Gift Cards
Credit cards are being replaced with alternatives as credit card applications are being rejected- as many of the people have poor credit that is rejected by financial institutions. Debit...
comparison topics: Prepaid Cards, Gift Cards
Penny Stocks vs. Big Stocks
The main difference between penny stocks and big stocks that penny stocks don't cost as much. Have you ever wondered why so many people invest in stocks, but only a few of them end up...
comparison topics: Penny Stocks, Big Stocks
NASDAQ (formerly known as the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations') is the biggest electronic screen based financial security trading center of United...
comparison topics: NASDAQ, NYSE
LLC vs. S Corp vs. C Corp
If you're thinking of starting a business, one of the first decisions to be made concerning the business is to register as which type of business. Would your small business operate more...
comparison topics: LLC, S Corp, C Corp
Investment Bank vs. Hedge Fund vs. Bank
The purpose of the following article is to provide a comparison of banks, investment banks and hedge funds. While all are in business of finance, each has very different offerings. The...
comparison topics: Investment Bank, Hedge Fund, Bank
Copyright vs. Trademark vs. Registered Trademark
Today, it's important to obtain a copyright or trademark to protect your goods and services. Copyright refers to ownership of the written works or other works of art like music albums...
Accounting vs. Finance
Accounting and finance may sound synonymous for laypeople, but there is a difference between the two. They both include numbers, calculations and the need for a mathematical eye. Financiers...
comparison topics: Accounting, Finance