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Maharashtra vs. Gujarat: Differences Between Colorful Indian States
The states of Gujarat and Maharashtra are located in West India. Gujarat has played a crucial role in the Indian economy throughout the history of the country as it has one of the...
comparison topics: Maharashtra, Gujarat
Hawaii vs. Caribbean
Planning on going on a vacation? If you are, Hawaii and the Caribbean both beckon. The two are some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world to be sure, although it must be...
comparison topics: Hawaii, Caribbean
Muslims in India vs. Hindus in Pakistan
In the Republic of India, Hinduism is the religion practiced by most people, after that the second most common religion practiced is Islam. Muslims have played an integral part in the...
comparison topics: Muslims in India, Hindus in Pakistan
Arab vs. Persian
People these days are often confused about the differences between the Persian and Arabic communities. Those unfamiliar will, at times, mistake the two as one. Amidst the conflicts in the...
comparison topics: Arab, Persian
Chicago vs. New York City: Which city is better?
When the subject of the world’s greatest cities comes up, Chicago and New York City are almost always at the top of the list. Boasting of numerous accomplishments in trade, industry and...
comparison topics: Chicago, New York City
Moroccan vs. Libyan Unrest
The Middle East and Africa is currently in a state of turmoil, as evidenced by the recent occurrences in Egypt and Tunisia. More alarming still is the fact that other countries in the...
comparison topics: Moroccan Unrest, Libyan Unrest
Mumbai vs. New York City: Travel Comparison
Mumbai, formerly Bombay, is the capital city of Maharashtra, India. It is also said to be the commercial capital of the country as forty percent of Indias taxes come from this city...
comparison topics: Mumbai, New York City