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Roku vs. Boxee vs. Apple TV
Streaming entertainment isn't exactly the de facto standard that a few of the more enthusiastic proponents claimed it was going to be, but there is no denying that business is on the rise....
comparison topics: Roku, Boxee, Apple TV
Architect vs. Engineer: Designing Cool Things
The world is filled with amazing technologies, from roads, state of the art buildings, to the most diverse and advanced computer equipment. When we glimpse at these advancements, two...
comparison topics: Architect, Engineer
Pixar vs. Dreamworks: Animated Wizards
Pixar and Dreamworks are two of the most accomplished animation studios in the world, and they have racked up a respectable number of hits between them. We all love it when two giants go...
comparison topics: Pixar, Dreamworks
Henry Ford vs. Walt Disney
Comparisons between Henry Ford and Walt Disney aren't often made, especially since the two historical figures seemingly belong to entirely different fields. Nevertheless, both are...
comparison topics: Henry Ford, Walt Disney
Idea vs. Execution: What's the difference?
Success depends on both the idea and the execution. The creation of new ideas fuels innovation, but ideas alone cannot achieve practical success. An idea must be executed well in order...
comparison topics: Idea, Execution