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Computer Worm vs. Computer Virus
You think that only humans and animals can get a virus or worms? Think again, computers can also get viruses and worms as well. Many people think that the only way to get a bug on their...
comparison topics: Computer Worm, Computer Virus
Virus vs. Trojan vs. Worm
Almost every computer user is aware of the terms Virus, Trojan and worms or at least the first one, the virus. In fact most people consider all types of malicious programs as ‘virus' and...
comparison topics: Virus, Trojan, Worm
Macintosh vs. Windows
"Not another Mac and Windows comparison article!" you say? As ubiquitous and long raging as the Mac-Windows debate is on the Internet, few devotees on either side are willing to give up the...
comparison topics: Macintosh, Windows
Skin Tags vs. Warts vs. Moles
Human skin is subject to numerous blemishes and unusual conditions, some of the most common of which are skin tags, warts, and moles. Everyone experiences these conditions some time or...
comparison topics: Skin Tags, Warts, Moles
Chickenpox vs. Smallpox
An infectious disease is an illness caused by pathogenic microbes, viruses, bacteria, fungi or prions. They are transmissible from one person to another through physical contact, by...
comparison topics: Chickenpox, Smallpox
Shingles vs. Herpes
Herpesviridae is a family of viruses which cause diseases in humans and animals such as the macaque monkey and the mouse. They can cause recurrent infections due to their invasive action...
comparison topics: Shingles, Herpes
Sinus Infection vs. Cold
Two of the most common respiratory ailments have to be the sinus infection and the cold. People tend to confuse the two and may not always tell them apart clearly. This could be due the...
comparison topics: Sinus Infection, Cold
Yellow Fever vs. Dengue Fever
Aside from the annoying noise the female mosquitoes produce and the perceived threat that a simple sting is imminent, some species are carriers for the yellow fever and dengue fever...
comparison topics: Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever
Pink Eye vs. Red Eye: Which one is worse?
The conjunctiva is the mucous membrane covering the sclera the white of the eye composed of a rare stratified columnar epithelium. Its function is to produce mucus and tears which...
comparison topics: Pink Eye, Red Eye
Herpes 1 vs. Herpes 2: What is a cold sore anyway?
Herpes is a common viral disease affecting children, teenagers and adults alike. There hasn't been a cure developed yet so the virus remains in the body after the initial infection. Active...
comparison topics: Herpes 1, Herpes 2
Cold Sore vs. Canker Sore: What are they?
A cold sore is one of the two most common types of mouth problem, next to canker sores. Cold sores are also called fever blisters, and are often mistaken for canker sores. Cold sores are...
comparison topics: Cold Sore, Canker Sore