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Patriots vs. Vikings
Sports fans are still reeling from the recent battle between the Patriots and the Vikings, and while the smoke clears, we thought it worthwhile to take a look at the careers of these two...
comparison topics: Patriots, Vikings
Army Football vs. Navy Football
Football is a sport that is characterized by fierce rivalries, but few are more passionate than that which exists between army football and navy football. Possibly because they are both...
comparison topics: Army Football, Navy Football
Steelers vs. Saints: Football Teams Compared
The Superbowl is one of the most hotly contested fields in sports, and the Steelers and Saints match up was one of the most anticipated. The results of the game are known by now, but a...
comparison topics: Steelers, Saints
Colts vs. Chargers: What is the difference?
The Colts and Chargers match up on November 28, 2010 was one of the most anticipated in sports history, and Chargers fans weren't disappointed. Details of the game are included below, but...
comparison topics: Colts, Chargers
Rugby vs. Football
For all their apparent similarities, rugby and American football are actually quite different from one another. For lay people however, those similarities are precisely what make it...
comparison topics: Rugby, Football
Sports has been an integral part of human heritage ever since the dawn of civilization. Young or old, men of all ages love to watch and play sports, and as do some women. Men love to watch...
comparison topics: NFL, AFL