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Roller Coaster vs. Love
Emotions can be a difficult thing to understand, humans can show a variety of emotions depending on their situation. We are drawn as a moth to a flame to play out displays of emotions...
comparison topics: Roller Coaster, Love
Love vs. Obsession: Why do we experience both?
For teenagers and young adults, it may be asking too much to identify the difference between love and obsession. As much as some might hate to hear it, what some of these people feel is...
comparison topics: Love, Obsession
Romance vs. Love: How Do I Love Thee...?
Developing a real sense of love for oneself, ones family, the human race, our planet and all manifestations of the Supreme Creator are the goals of many deeply spiritual people. For most...
comparison topics: Romance, Love
Love vs. Infatuation: What is the difference?
If one tries to define human feelings, one will find many ways to try to grasp their essence and express the truth in their own unique way. This is due to the subjective nature of...
comparison topics: Love, Infatuation
Love vs. Romance
Love is an emotion experienced by everyone at some point in his or her lives. Love can be known in many variations, such as the love of a favorite type of food or the love of a pet. Love...
comparison topics: Love, Romance
Kindness vs. Love
Kindness is a behavior characterized by benevolent goodness. When a person acts compassionately or generously towards another person or animal, he or she is said to be kind. Kindness to...
comparison topics: Kindness, Love