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Hurricanes vs. Blizzards
Blizzards and hurricanes are disturbing natural phenomena. Both cause a great deal of damage but under different conditions. Blizzards involve heavy snowfall whereas hurricanes involve...
comparison topics: Hurricanes, Blizzards
Snow vs. Sleet vs. Hail
Snow, sleet and hail are all forms of precipitation. Falling crystalline water ice from clouds is known as snow. Snow is comprised of granular ice particles. These particles are soft and...
comparison topics: Snow, Sleet, Hail
Rain vs. Snow
We are going to talk about two different types of weather; rain and snow. It depends on where you live as to whether or not youll see snow but everywhere it rains. I have always despised...
comparison topics: Rain, Snow
Cyclone vs. Typhoon vs. Tornado
Cyclones are a kind of severe spinning storm occurring over the ocean near the tropics. A typhoon is a violent cyclone or tropical hurricane that has its occurrence in the Indian...
comparison topics: Cyclones, Typhoon, Tornado