World Cup vs. Super Bowl

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Difference between World Cup and Super Bowl

Two of the most watched sporting events in the world are the World Cup and the Super Bowl. Drawing in hordes of rabid fans with every game, each has a fan base that reaches into the millions. In fact, the two are such big sporting draws that comparisons are often drawn between them, with neither side having much luck convincing the other of the superiority of their choice of sport. Nevertheless, we present here yet another comparison that may just give you enough info to make the switch.

World Cup
Super Bowl


Some of the less charitable fans of the World Cup would be inclined to say that the Super Bowl is of interest only to Americans, but thatwouldn'tbe entirely accurate. There are actually quite a few Super Bowl fans in other countries, but by and large the event is largely an American experience. The Super Bowl is also as much an entertainment spectacle as it is a sporting event, with the commercials and half time show being an almost equally important part of the event. As for the World Cup, its fan base, of course, stretches across the globe. The popularity of soccer–which is referred to as football in many non-American countries–being what it is, the World Cup undoubtedly has a more international appeal. In addition, the World Cup has a following that can best be described as reverent - bordering on the fanatical.


As mentioned previously, most Super Bowl fans are people from the United States, along with a smattering of fans in other countries who watch the games on cable television. The World Cup viewer base on the other hand, counts people from practically every country in the world. In spite of the Super Bowl being the most viewed annual sporting event on TV, the World Cup has the bigger global audience.

TV Revenues

The Super Bowl pulls in larger sums of TV advertising revenue than the World Cup, and there are a number of reasons attributed to this. For one thing, the United States is one of the biggest advertising markets in the world, so its advertising revenues would of course be significantly higher. In addition, the World Cup is only held once every four years, further reducing its comparative revenues.


World Cup

  • A worldwide sporting event that is played only every 4 years
  • Brings together different cultures from all over the world
  • For many fans, has a deeper significance that transcends mere sport
  • Isn't as big a TV advertising event as the Super Bowl

Super Bowl

  • A championship finals series
  • Comprised only of American football teams from the United States
  • Commercials and half time performers are a large part of the appeal
  • One of the largest annual sporting events in the world
  • One of the highest viewership of any sport
  • A lot of money changes hands in advertising


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