Fox News vs. President Obama

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Difference between Fox News and President Obama

Barack H. Obama succeeded as the President of the United States of America on 20th of January, 2009 by defeating the Republican nominee John McCain. Previously President Obama had been a Senator on the Democratic fronts and was known to the political arena even before the start to his presidential campaign in 2007. Fox News Channel commonly referred to as Fox or Fox News is a channel from the Fox Entertainment Group based in the United States and owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation. The channel is accused of being influenced by the Republican Party therefore there has been ongoing tension between Fox and the White House since Democratic President Barack Obama has taken office.

Fox News
President Obama


Fox News had always been at the center of controversies and has been accused by one political figure or the other in each political terms. Sometimes they have been criticized by the right wing and sometimes by the left wing. Fox has been lately accused for giving bizarre comments about the President on the health care proposal that was recently passed in Congress. The bill had a few issues yet the media campaign from the Fox news was a little too intensively negative to say the least.

Settlement Tries

Representatives from both camps met in September 2009 to settle the issue for it was quite abnormal that the President of United States was appearing on all of the major media company's political coverage around the country yet Fox refused to ‘cave in' and give the President some air time.  Fox representatives also termed the reaction from the White House as "crybabies" not admitting the biased comments that their representatives passed on the bill.

The settlement attempts went in vain as there was no progress seen from either side and ending up in a no profit, no loss deal. The White House representatives also termed Fox as not a news network but an arm or communication from the Republican side of the Senate.

Other Accusations

Fox News Channel is accused of another abnormal activity that it did in the last year that was strictly opposed by the White House and the Presidential lobby. The similarity of President Obama's name with the terrorist Osama Bin Laden was being highlighted by Fox News as a joke. The policies of Obama were termed as "communist", "socialist" and ultimately "fascist". The channel also termed President Obama as a racist who was working against the white community.

Fox was not willing to run the President's State of the Union address. Pour quoi?


The channel is renowned all across the world with its co working channels such as CNN but the accusations placed on the channel on different times had been a great concern to analysts from all around the world.

  • The campaign between the President of Unites States and Fox news is a great concern in itself.
  • The terms that have been used by Fox on the actions taken by President Obama gave a new angle to the confrontation.
  • The President is working in order to benefit the whole of the public in United States and the terms as racist is nothing but a conspiracy against his policies.
Who would you rather watch?
  • Fox News
  • President Obama

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