Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant

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Difference between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

Looking at the career of Kobe Bryant, it is easy-almost too easy in fact-to compare him to that other giant of the court, Michael Jordan. The two are after all very colorful characters on and off the courts, and their skills and accomplishments in the game of basketball cannot be disputed. It doesn't help matters any that Bryant has adopted many of the same mannerisms that Jordan has become known for. The question now is: does Bryant have what it takes to become his own player? Or will he forever be in the shadow of Jordan? Let's take a look!

Michael Jordan
Kobe Bryant


Both players are of course practically household names all over the world, with a renown that transcends even to those people who aren't really into basketball. Nevertheless, Jordan does have an edge over Bryant in this regard, simply because he has been around a lot longer. By most accounts, Jordan is considered an all around player who is equally adept in the defensive and offensive positions, and his mastery of the art of the dunk is of course well known.

To Bryant's credit, he does posses may of the same skills as Jordan does (or did), and his grace and ability is without question. And with his recent win of the NBA championship-along with his continuing flourishing career-shows that there is a lot more to expect from this shining young star of the NBA.


Here is where Jordan pulls away yet again, with a stunning career that is marked by no less than six NBA championships versus Bryant's own three. While this may again be attributed to Jordan's longevity, it may be argued that Jordan was named MVP six times, while Bryant has been bestowed the same title only twice in All-Star games. Bryant however has been instrumental in ten All-Star games versus Jordan's nine. Further swaying the votes in Bryant's favor is his high score of 81 points versus Jordan's career high of 69 points. Bryant has also scored more than 50 points in each of four games consecutively, while Jordan scored the same number of points in only three consecutive games. On the other hand, Jordan was named rookie of the year his first time out, while Bryant's contributions only came to the fore after a few seasons into his career.


Now this area is open to more subjective interpretation. Most observers, analysts and fans agree that Jordan is more effective than Bryant at passing, rebounding, and defense. He also had the knack of encouraging the rest of his team to victory, as can be seen in numerous games. Where Bryant wins out however is in his shooting. Nevertheless, Jordan does have the edge in terms of field goals, with 49.8% clocked during his career. Bryant has yet to hit a 50% during a season, although he his marginally better at 3-point shooting and at the free throw line.


Michael Jordan

  • Participated in nine All-Star games
  • Won the Rookie of the Year award
  • Total of six MVP awards
  • Seven time scoring champion
  • Better all around player (subjective)

Kobe Bryant

  • Participated in 10 All-Star games
  • Won the MVP Award two times
  • Two time scoring champion
  • Better at 3-point shooting and free throw shooting
Who's the best player?
  • Michael Jordan
  • Kobe Bryant

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