Redken vs. Matrix: Difference between Shampoos

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Difference between Redken and Matrix

Redken is an American hair-care salon brand, which manufactures all sorts of hair care products from shampoo and conditioner to hair spray and gel. The name Redken is from a blending of the two founders of the company, Jherri Redding and Paula Kent. Redken is now owned by the L'Oreal Corporation and has hair salons across the globe.

Matrix is also an American hair-care salon brand with many products and is owned by the L'Oreal Corporation as well. While Matrix has not been around as long as Redken, its products are just as respected. In addition, Matrix has several hair salons around the world.


Redken creates many different hair care products in many different formulas. Whether your hair is frizzy or oily, color treated or sun damaged, there are shampoos and conditioners specially crafted for you. Within each line of hair care products by type, more products than just shampoo and conditioner exist. Revitalizer deep treatments and other leave-in or pre-treatments are available as well as butter treats and detanglers.

Extraordinary products for men's hair care are available in almost as many variations as the women's line. Many hair styling products for men can finish their daily hair care regime.

The Matrix line of products includes lines such as Biolage, Matrix Essentials, and Vavoom. In the Biolage line up there are shampoos, conditioners and treatments for color treated hair, tired hair, and damaged hair. Essentials products care for hair that is curly, straight or flat, and Vavoom is the styling section of the Matrix offering.

Salon Services

Matrix hair salons are available with many services from highly skilled and trained experts. From a simple hair cut to a professional color and style, the Matrix style graduates have gone through rigorous training to be awarded with the prestigious honor of a Matrix certification.

Redken salons also have comparable services to Matrix and the stylists are highly trained and certified. The Redken sponsors the Salon Professional Academy, which trains stylists across the country to perform high quality services such as hair coloring and bold new makeovers. Consultation services are also available so you can discuss your options before committing to a new look.

Award Winning Products

Redken has won many awards for favorite shampoo and conditioner as well as styling and color products. Stylists, magazines and even consumers rate Redken as a preferred brand when it comes to hair care.

Matrix as well has won many industry awards. From the Biolage anti-dandruff winning Best Shampoo to the Best Conditioner award to Sleek look for five years running from Glamour magazine, Matrix products are a much loved brand of hair care products.

Similarities and Differences

  • Redken and Matrix were both originally separate and individual companies that are now part of the L'Oreal company, but each company retains a level of their own personality and spark that made them famous.
  • Quality services and products are guaranteed at both companies, but only when purchased at salons.
  • Redken and Matrix products that are found at discount stores are being sold without authorization.
  • The practice is called diversion and it means that the products you buy there are perhaps phony, diluted, old or even expired.
  • Do not take a chance on your hair; buy only from a reputable salon!


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