Aquarius vs. Leo: What are the differences?

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Difference between Aquarius and Leo

The art and science of astrology has its root in traditions dating back 5,000 years. Early humans mysteriously gleaned knowledge of the stars and constellations affecting events and people living on the Earth. There is sense of comfort in believing that we are part of a divine cosmic order and there are keys to understanding how the stars, planets and other solar system bodies influence what happens here at home. While this article doesn't cover the astrology extensively, it does take a look into two sun signs–Aquarius and Leo–in the hopes of uncovering what makes people of both signs tick.



The Aquarius and the Leo truly represents the yin-yang of relationships like few other sign pairs do. The differences between the two are often so significant as to cause a potent attraction, although the results may not be what you expect. What Leos will have to be on guard against is the Aquarius’ tendency toward more varied interests and loftier goals, both of which may cause certain Leos to feel neglected and unimportant.

While there is undoubtedly potential for a powerful chemistry between the two, the physicality of Leos may contrast sharply with the more intellectual nature of the Aquarius. Leos may also be subjected to criticisms by the Aquarius, which won't bode well for his fragile ego. The Aquarius on the other hand may find the sometimes overly passionate delivery of the Leo to be oppressive and overwhelming.


In terms of romance and affection the Aquarius and the Leo couldn't be more opposite if they tried. While the Leo is given to fiery and/or candid shows of affection, the Aquarius tends to shy away from such displays. It is not that the Aquarius is any less "loving" or "affectionate" mind you; it is just that he or she chooses to show affection and emotion in more subtle ways. And while the Aquarius could certainly learn a thing or two from the passionate Leo, the Leo too could stand to pick up a few hints on calm and collectiveness, qualities in which the Aquarius typically excels.


The Aquarius and the Leo also handle conflict in radically different ways, as you could imagine. While the Aquarius again often displays the coolness and level headedness of romance in times of conflict, the Leo is often just as affected by the issues that arise from the argument as the root cause of the conflict itself. In most cases, it would seem that the Leo has a lot more to lose–or gain–from an argument. It also doesn't help matters any that the Aquarius will often draw things out and examine everything in detail, while the Leo would much rather work toward a speedy and definite resolution.

Similarities and Differences

Individual personalities are shaped by the combination of planets and aspects between these planets down to the degree. The sun sign signifies the energy the individual uses to actively participate in daily activities and is therefore significant to a degree. Each sign has its own charm and attributes:


  • Typically has wider interests and more varied goals
  • Is often calm and collected
  • Generally more intellectual in nature
  • Can be more analytical and may draw things out in an argument.


  • Fiery and passionate
  • Given to overt displays of affection
  • Can be egotistical and fragile at times
  • Generally prefers quick and definite resolution of a conflict 

Astrologer's description of Leo and Aquarius

Which sun sign is more fun at a party?
  • Aquarius
  • Leo

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  • adonay geremew wrote on April 2017

i am seriously discouraged by this non sense post, and in my opinion you have to study about stars moreover on their behavior. more on leo's personality. before you post something to people you have to know and understand what the post is all about.

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