Geico vs. Progressive vs. Allstate

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Difference between Geico, Progressive and Allstate

The competition between insurancecompanies vying for our business is fierce. The range of insurance plans is increasing as more and more people today find the need to get themselves covered or to change insurance providers. You too may be interested in getting new insurance coverage, whether it is for your car, for your home, to secure your future or the future of your beneficiaries. When choosing an insurance company, there are three companies that you may want to consider – Geico, Progressive and All State.


Insurance Plans

Geico provides insurance coverage for cars, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, boats and commercial autos. Aside from that, Geico also offers property insurance coverage for homeowners and renters. Progressive is one of the biggest car insurance companies in the country. Like Geico, Progressive also offers coverage plans for autos, motorcycles, ATVs and RVs, and boats. Home and renters insurance plans are also available. Allstate, on the other hand, offers not just auto insurance plans and home and renters insurance coverages, but also provides life insurance and retirement plans.

Response To Claims

Geico has an online service to enable you to report a claim for auto insurance with ease. However, this service caters only to auto insurance. For matters pertaining to other types, you can refer to the contact numbers found on Geico’s website itself.Progressive also has an online claims center where you can file your claims in a matter of minutes. Even if you are not a Progressive member but have a claim that involves one of the policyholders of Progressive, you still have access to filing the claim online by simply entering the claim details.All State simplifies the process of filing for claims through its online Customer Center. Here you can find a variety of ways you can file for claims, such as via online, through an agent and over the phone.


One means of measuring a company’s credibility is the number of years it has been existing. Geico was founded in 1936, which means that it’s been in operation for the last 74 years. Founded in 1937, Progressive has been a trusted car insurance provider for 73 years. AllState has been in the insurance business since 1932; longer by 5 years in the case of Geico and 4 years in the case of Progressive.


Choosing an insurance company is no easy thing, indeed. It’s always a good idea to compare the features of each to see which company will be more beneficial to you. When comparing features, make sure to include the following factors:

  • Insurance plans – Geico, Progressive, and Allstate are all auto insurance companies, but while Geico and Progressive concentrate mainly on car insurance plans and home insurance plans, All State is also known for its life insurance coverage and investment and retirement plans.
  • Response to claim – all companies have the capability to respond at once to claims. Filing of auto claims can be done not just online, but through other means, too.
  • Credibility – if the one measurement for credibility is the number of years a company has been operating, Allstate would emerge as the most credible, having been in the business for 79 years, as against 74 for Geico and 73 for Progressive.

Which is the worst insurance company?
  • Geico
  • Progressive
  • Allstate

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I used AllState and Liberty. Recently I switched to Geico. Their Service is good. They are very cheap compared to other auto insurance companies. But, they don't have Home Insurance so you will not get group insurance discount. Overall I am happy with Geico. Thumbs up for Geico...

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