White Glove Shipping vs. Curb Side Shipping

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Difference between White Glove Shipping and Curb Side Shipping

When ordering merchandise from a large department store, you may be given a choice to go for either white glove shipping or curb side shipping. The differences between the two may not be so apparent when you place your order, but they definitely will be once you take delivery. This comparison should show you the main differences between each so that you will better be able to know what you are getting with the agreement.


White glove shipping is the term used to describe delivery services in which your purchases are delivered to you and taken inside your home or office. There may be several levels to this service offered, each of which will involve different arrangements.

Curb side shipping on the other hand simply involves shipping your items to the specified destination and dropping it off at the curb, leaving the task of moving the items indoors to the recipient.


The main point of white glove shipping is to spare the recipient the hassle of having to carry the items inside and to set them up if necessary. This is particularly useful if you simply want to take delivery of your items with a minimum of fuss and bother. In most cases, these arrangements also involve minor setup of items such as home entertainment systems and the like.

As for curb side shipping, this spares you the expense and headache that may result from items damaged by the movers when they move your items from the truck into your home or office.

The Process

When you ask for white glove shipping, your items will be delivered to the location that you specify, and the movers will take responsibility for moving it inside, unpacking it and setting it up in the case of items that need assembly. This service is usually offered for items such as complicated furniture, satellite TV setups or home entertainment systems. In some cases, white glove shipping movers will also take care of clearing out and getting rid of the packing materials that your purchases came in.

Curb side shipping is a less involved process on the part of the mover, and it simply involves dropping off your items right in front of your home or office, leaving you to take them inside yourself. This is the most basic form of delivery available and it will of course cost a lot less than white glove shipping.


White glove shipping

  • Typically delivered by two movers or more
  • Delivers your order to a specified location in your home or office
  • May include unpacking and light setup services, as well as disposal of packaging materials
  • Comes in several levels of service

Curb side shipping

  • Prevents damage that may occur from moving your items from the truck into your home
  • Allows you to move your items inside at your convenience
  • Usually offered for free with purchases above a certain amount

Which shipping option is a better value?
  • White Glove Shipping
  • Curb Side Shipping

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