Swiss Alps vs. Himalayas: Which is more popular?

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Difference between Swiss Alps and Himalayas

If you are a serious mountain climber thinking about taking that great trip of a lifetime, you are undoubtedly torn between these majestic wonders of nature. Both the Swiss Alps and the Himalayan Mountains offer the most life altering, life affirming views on planet Earth. Climbing both of these mountains will coax the most challenging spirit that one possesses. Both are filled with dangerous and perilous conditions, whereby making the accomplishment of climbing either of them only ascribed to a few elite. Making it to the top of either one is something most people will never experience in their lifetime but those who do will have earned bragging rights with photographic proof.

Climbing the Himalayas

The Himalayan Mountains, meaning literally the “abode of snow”, is a mountain range in Asia that separates the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau. Therein stands a massive cluster of mountains that include the Karakoram, the Kindu Kush and Pamir Knot. It is the highest mountain range on Earth and has the highest peaks, the Eight-Thousanders, which include Mount Everest and K2. Along with the awe-striking beauty of the mountain range, there is a spirituality that parallels nothing else on Earth. No matter what religion you prescribe to, or none at all, climbing this mountainous range will mystify and cause you question your own existence by its sheer majesty.

Setting the Swiss Alps Apart

The Swiss Alps are located in Switzerland. Although not the highest peak as ascribed to the Himalayan mountains, the Swiss Alps are adorned with amazing lakes, rivers and mountain canyons. The Swiss pride themselves on the tourism that the Swiss Mountains generates, which is evident by the convenience of the transit system that has been created in order for visitors to experience the Swiss Alps in all of its beauty. Unlike the Himalayan mountains, the Swiss Alps cater more to the general hiker or climber. That is not to say that it’s treacherous peaks are not as challenging, nor the experience as primal, but there is an air of more tourism targeted areas than you will find in the Himalayan Mountains. The Swiss Alps offers some of the same majestic scenery that as the Himalayan Mountains, while appearing to be more accessible. The Himalayan mountains do not cater to the novice or inexperienced climber. There are no general transit areas. You experience the mountains through sheer human determination and drive. Both offer lush green foliage with beautiful wildlife during the summer, which is unparalleled to any other natural wonder on Earth and both offer to the experienced climber the challenge of a lifetime.

Awesome for Their Own Reasons

If you have an unparalleled spirit that is always looking for that great challenge and want to experience life affirmation, mountain climbing can alter your entire belief system. If you are looking to push yourself to the outer limits of what a human being a capable of, both the Swiss Alps and the Himalayan Mountains offer an adventure that will leave you affirming the awe of whatever creator you subscribe to. The Swiss Alps has more accessible challenges, while the Himalayans offer more of a spiritual, rugged, untouched excursion. Which you choose really depends on the reasons you have decided to partake on your journey, however, neither is short of miraculous.


  • The Himalayan Mountains offer the highest peak on Earth
  • The Himalayan Mountains are sacred in both Hinduism and Buddhism
  • The Swiss Mountains have created an unparalleled transportation system to experience the mountain range
  • Both mountain ranges are havens of breathtaking beauty


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