Nice vs. Sweet vs. Sexy

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Difference between Nice, Sweet and Sexy

When you ask a person what they look for in someone as a potential partner, they tend to say similar things regardless of how old they are. They say they want someone nice or someone sweet and sometimes they say they want someone sexy. But do they really know what they're saying? Sometimes people say these things but they are truly looking for something else, hence they have skewed or incorrect perceptions of these three words. So, for their convenience and perhaps yours as well, allow me to elaborate the definition and traits so they can be understood more clearly.



In order to classify a person as nice, sweet or sexy it would be best to look at a brief definition of these words. Nice is something that is done out of the goodness of your heart. This is someone who does things without expecting anything in return. Sweet is defined as person with high sugar intake - just kidding. It actually points out that the sweet person is thoughtful and thinking about others always. Sexy focuses more on the outside appearance and often has a sort of codependent quality. This usually depicts really slim figures for women and really built bodies for men who display themselves through personality or clothing in a very alluring or enchanting way.

Classifying People

Now that you have a brief definition with what the words mean, let's now move on to character traits that will help you classify a person. Now when a person usually does good things and refrains from doing bad, then you can classify that person as nice. Or say, when a person who doesn't cheat, steal and activities identical to that are classified as being nice. Hence the saying 'nice guys finish last' was invented. But don't listen to that non-sense. There's nothing wrong with being nice. Now a person can be classified as sweet if they are thoughtful of the thoughts and feelings of other people. For example, an old lady enters the bus with no more seats available. If a person gives their seat, you can call them sweet. A simple definition of a sexy person is someone that catches your attention because of their physical attributes. Sexiness is attached to someone who arouses sexy feelings in others. Where the same photo may cause one person to react dismissively towards erotic signals, another may react overwhelmingly by engaging in flights of fantasy.

Your Preference

Okay, now that you are a bit familiar with how some of us classify a person as nice, sweet or sexy, you should keep in mind one thing. Now, the saying, “make a good first impression because first impressions last” is true in a way, but first impressions can fade away if a person shows a different side to their personality which negates the initial impact. You can classify someone as nice or sweet or even sexy at first, but it's only by spending time with that person can you find out whether or not you we're right about them. After all, the nice person you have been talking to at work could be the sexy person you have always wished for. Conversely, the sexy person you were shy of talking to could turn out to be a very sweet and cherished friend for life.


  • A person can be classified as nice if they do good things out of the kindness of their own hearts.
  • A person can be classified as sweet if they always think about the good of others before theirs. Being thoughtful for example is being sweet.
  • A person is classified as sexy depending on what a person thinks is sexy in a physical manner. If a person finds someone physically attractive by their standards, that person can be classified as sexy.
  • Nice, sweet and sexy are parts of a person's personality. The same person can be all three of things or none of them. You can be all of these things if you feel like it. After all, a persona can be recreated daily.

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