Mountain Bike vs. Road Bike vs. Comfort Bike: Which is better?

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Difference between Mountain Bike, Road Bike and Comfort Bike

Biking is a time honored sport that people have supported for various reasons. Some include exercise and fitness while others as a means of transportation or just to have some fun. All bikes come in different styles, sizes and have different gadgets to make them more accessible for all of your biking needs. You can get bikes to keep you in shape by making you pedal more or purchase one with a larger, more comfortable seat for comfort and ease riding.

The Building Process

Just as every bike is different, every frame to the bike is different. If you are going for a more comfortable bike that is easy on the body, then you can get one with a wider built frame. It can also have a larger seat cushion, higher from the ground and wider handle bars. A mountain bike will have handle bars a lot farther apart so that the rider can have a lot of control. A road bike however will have them closer together and the rider much closer to the pedals. This will allow for the rider to have more speed and power.


Although bikes are generally stable already when built, each type of bike has a different type of stability and pieces to make it stable. For instance, a mountain bike will have a lot of suspension on it because of the rocky roads and dirt that you will encounter. It will have rear suspension and front shock absorbers. A road bike however will most likely not have any suspension and a comfort bike will be the same. A comfort bike generally just has handles, a set, frame and thick tires. A mountain bike has very thick and wide wheels with a lot of rubber on the bottom for friction. The road bike will just have thin, soft or smooth tires for speed.

General Uses

Well as you can guess each bike is used for many different reasons but they all have specific reasons if you think about it. A comfort bike or comfortable bike would be used to ride bikes with friends, or get you from point A to point B for fun. A speed bike would be used for exercise or marathons. They pick up great speed and make for a smooth ride. Mountain bikes on the other hand are used just for that, the mountains. They are great for riding through the woods, dirt, and going down hills at fast speeds.


  • Each bike can be used for anything but each one is built for a specific task for a reason
  • Mountain bikes have an upper hand because of their gears and can be easier to use for some people, also for someone trying to lose weight.
  • Road bikes are generally used for speed because of its tires and lack of suspension in the bike.
  • Comfort bikes will have bigger seats to adapt to your rear end not being in pain while you're riding.

Which bike looks better on the boardwalk?
  • Mountain Bike
  • Road Bike
  • Comfort Bike

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