Being Rich vs. Being Famous

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Difference between Being Rich and Being Famous

Everyone wishes they could be rich or famous and many wish to be both. It rarely happens that people take the time to really think about what it means to exist in these two veins of life. We are all familiar with the famous because our acknowledgment of fame is part of that equation. Most famous people are probably rich but there are some very big differences between the two terms. One difference is that being rich means you have money and being famous means that you are widely known. You can be famous without being rich or being in the news and vice versa.


There are many different types of people in this world ranging from size, background, intelligence and various other factors. You also have different types of rich people and famous people. Some types of famous people are actors and actresses, singers and rappers, movie and television stars, chefs, models, producers, teachers, donations, basically anyone can be famous. The same goes with being rich; you have people who are wealthy by mirage, hard work, legacy, life insurance policies of their family members dying or even those who hit the lotto. These are just a few of the different types you can find in a free society.

Social Status

When climbing the social ladder there are many things that are usually considered. Those are your money, your family, who you know and how you came across your money or fame. Famous politicians and movie stars are very different from one another. A movie star will gain respect and admiration, while a famous president or politician will gain a wide range of fans only while they are in the limelight. Billionaires and millionaires are at the top of their social status but are hardly famous to the younger demographic because they are not "famous" by virtue of being presented to the younger generation’s information highway. A public speaker can have a higher social status if he is more well-known than some private millionaires.

The Future

The ironic thing is that rich people and famous people can lose their money and fame at any moment. However, when a famous person loses their status, they are usually still famous by some means. On the other hand, the phrase “fifteen minutes of fame” is very true for those who have been thrust into the public consciousness by publicity specialists as opposed to those who have been adopted as darlings by the masses or as those who are considered to be riveting or intriguing by a large number of people. Their work and their career will live on even if it's in just a few people or negatively in many people.

A rich person who loses their money can gain it back through hard work or by using the same strategies that brought them success the first time around. Becoming rich has some mystery around it in the eyes of those who are not rich. Money is attracted to those who believe they will gain wealth or a measure of financial security by taking very specific action which they believe will lead to success. The root of monetary success has something to do with internalizing the laws of cause and effect.


  • Just because you're rich doesn't mean you’re famous, and just because you're famous doesn't mean you're rich.
  • Money can be taken away from you at any moment but being famous can only be diminished, to what degree depends on the source of the fame.
  • Social status is easier to climb when you are famous because more people know you, but being rich buys status.
  • Money makes you rich, it doesn't make you famous.
  • Any human being on earth can do something to become famous, it’s not a materialistic type of thing.
  • Wanting wealth is based on materialism and somehow most of us responded on some level to Madonna’s ‘material girl’ video.

Which would you rather be?
  • Being Rich
  • Being Famous

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who has time to be famous? i have plenty of time to be rich!

  • Guest
  • Emily Parks wrote on October 2012

True True

seriously i would wanna be famous not rich

  • Guest
  • sara.ahmed wrote on November 2013

really?! now there is economic crisis due to the lack of balancing things. our money is shrinking from our money does anyone care if we got poor? your life in your hand, deal with it, either can be rich or famous, its your choice.

obveuosly famous!!!!!! i would wanna be known by everyone not being at home relaxing

soooooooooo true :):)

To be famous is better

I love to be famous and not getting rich

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