Dove vs. SoftSoap: Difference between soaps

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Difference between Dove and SoftSoap

People use soap everyday to wash dishes, their bodies, their cars, and other aspects of everyday life. There are several different brands of soap on the shelves today, such as Soft Soap brands and Dove brand. These two are very popular brands for their own reasons, they both do the job, but differ in some ways as well. The local markets may have an isle with a few shelves dedicated to each brand, for better selling results of a particular brand and easy to find capabilities of customers. The SoftSoap and Dove brands are two of the most popular store bought soap brands on the market.

Production history

The products that Dove provides are manufactured in several different countries, a few of those countries are The Netherlands, United States, Germany, Ireland, Canada, and Brazil. With products sold in more than 35 countries, the trademark and name are owned by Unilever.

The SoftSoap brand name product was created by a man from New York, William Shepphard in 1865; however, his products were not issued out into the public until 1980, when it was then packaged to include an action pump bottle for easy use by the Minnetonka Corporation, located in Chaska, Minnesota. The location of this soft soap on the shelves were easily spotted being the only soap not in bar form. Colgate-Palmolive later purchased the whole pump action liquid soap business from Minnetonka in 1987.

Products offered

Dove offers several different products such as bar soap, body mists, shampoo, cleansing cloths, deodorant, exfoliating bars, hairspray, body wash, beauty wash, lotions, conditioners, and several other products. They can range anywhere from three dollars to twenty dollars, and are worth the price.

Softsoap offers a unique dispenser like bottle with pump action, sometimes you can even find it in foam instead of straight liquid. This brand comes in regular liquid soap, foam soap, sanitizer, and other types of unique hand lotions. They can be priced from five dollars all the way to fifty dollars for a bundle of three or more. Some of the moisturizing soap that is branded with SoftSoap also offers aloe.


Soft Soap Liquid and foam and Dove, have competed in the top selling markets for years. There have been several other competitors come along since these brands hit the markets. Other common brands like Ivory, Lever 2000, Dial, and Zest, are common, but not quite as popular as SoftSoap and Dove. There are over thirty nine different brands of soap on the market, making it to the top five, these two are ranked closely together in the top ten liquid hand soap brands of the United States.

Similarities and Differences

  • These two brands, Softsoap and Dove, have competed for many years in bringing customers top quality brands. The diversity in the two are great; however many do not realize it.
  • Dove uses animal fat in its products, which concern many vegetarians and they refuse the use of Dove products.
  • SoftSoap's new liquid hand wash and foam, eliminates the use of regular bar soap for any hand washing needs.
  • Dove offers bar soaps where SoftSoap does not, some might prefer bar over liquid.
  • Dove and Softsoap both offer the same moisturizing technique with their products.


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