Curly Hair vs. Straight Hair: Why are they different?

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Difference between Curly Hair and Straight Hair

Everyone wants to look good so we learn to take care of our hair. Hair is considered the crown jewel of our head and a lot of people are really into wearing different styles and coloring it. Mainly, there are two classes of hair. Its either a person has curly hair or a straight hair. There are different methods of taking good care of these types of hair and some are treated with more care others. But what makes the big difference with these two types of hair? Which is the one that should be taken care of more intensely than the other?

Curly Hair
Straight Hair


When it comes to styling hair, curly hair is more work to style. When using a styling gel for curly hair, you have to put more products on it because it is harder to make the hair controllable. Basically the curls want to curl and if you want it relax or curl a certain way then you have to be up for the battle. On the other hand, when it comes to the straight hair, the effort put into styling can be minimal or moderate. This is because the consistency of straight hair is plainly downward so you just need to comb it or curl it the way you want it. You can also apply some styling gel but should be much easier to control.


When it comes to cutting styles, curly hair does not have too many options. This is because its consistency does not allow it to have many different looks. It could be either cut short or long but only on a straight edge, in layers for more adventurous types or plain cut way. Straight hair on the other hand can accommodate different cuts and styles. Due to the plainness of straight hair its consistency makes it very easy to apply different designs like layers and highlights. Also when it comes to cutting, straight hair should be cut perfectly because any imperfection to the style would be very obvious, unlike that of curly hair which can be somewhat concealed.

Hair Care

When it comes to hair care, curly hair has to be maintained more intensely than straight hair. When cleaning curly hair, it should be cleaned thoroughly because of the fact that the consistency of the curly hair causes dust that gets into it difficult to wash off. This could eventually lead to dandruff and other hair problems. With regards to straight hair, less maintenance is required. Most of the times, people with straight hair just do the so called “wash and wear” wherein they just plainly wet their hair, apply a little shampoo, dry them and leave it at that. But all the same, even if straight hair can be easily cleaned, it should not be taken for granted because it can still be susceptible to dirt which causes dandruff and other hair problems and overheating from using blow dryers can causes breakage.


  • Curly hair requires intensive styling and application of chemicals used for styling
  • Straight hair can be worn “wash and wear”
  • Straight hair can be designed in more ways than curly hair

Which do women prefer?
  • Curly Hair
  • Straight Hair

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