Body Lotion vs. Body Cream

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Difference between Body Lotion and Body Cream

Body cream and body lotion have a few similarities and a few differences between them. They are both used for the same thing and that is to moisturize your skin. They coat your skin and seep through to help you moisturize dry skin, rough skin and even just to give you some vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Body lotion, like hand lotion, revives your body and your skin with Vitamin E which is very good for you and can be hard to get for some people. Both also offer a very nice feeling to your skin and leave out much grease.


Both body lotion and body cream have a nice amount of moisture in them. They are pretty much made the same with water and oil which allows for moisture that can be applied on your body nicely. The main difference with the moisture quality is that body creams can be known to be a bit thicker then body lotion. Body creams can sometimes have a little more greasy ingredients.

Which is better?

Although some people may prefer one over the other, neither is better or worse. They are both great products and will moisturize your body satisfactory to provide you much needed moisture for dry skin and very nice feeling skin. It is actually suggested that you use a combination of both of them to give your body and skin the best results. Body creams can be used for stomachs, backs, thighs and legs while lotions are used more for hands, elbows, knees and feet. However this isn't what has to be done, just what many people do. Both will provide you with the same protection and vitamins as the other.

Oily Skin

If you suffer from oily skin then it may be wise for you to not use body cream as much as lotion. The reason for this is that body creams are thicker in consistency and that may clog your pores more then they already do. A body lotion is much lighter in moisture content so it will be more delicate on your skin. Lotions and creams are great during the winter when your skin is driest, but in the summer don’t over due it. Your skin will probably be very nice and only have a little dryness.


  • Body lotion is lighter and has a little less grease and is great for lightly dry skin.
  • Both contain water and oil as ingredients but cream is a thicker texture.
  • While body lotion is great for hands and feet or faces, many perfume body cream for the stomach, back and thighs.
  • Body lotions and creams can be used on your face if you buy the right kind.
  • Body creams can clog your pores if you already have bad skin so be careful.


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