Nick vs. Cartoon Network vs. Disney

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Difference between Nick, Cartoon Network and Disney

We all have childhood memories associated with what made our world go round: cartoons. Today, there are a number of channels available to serve the kids this type of entertainment and a whole new range and variety of cartoons and children’s shows have been introduced. With names such as Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network on the map, the kids never need be deprived of good cartoons with and their own perfect memories.

Cartoon Network

The Popularity

When one argues about these channels, it is evident that they have obviously made a mark in the industry in a way that they are even considered the best in the first place. Where Disney has Phineas and Ferb, Nick always has had Rugrats and Cartoon Network held on to Dexter. These cartoons make you laugh, entertain you and make memories with you. With new amendments such as "Cartoon Network Real" and even latest programs such as Hannah Montana on Disney, the going keeps getting tough as the competition keeps rising.

The Present

With Disney making the latest, usually teen-oriented approaches, one considers what the plan actually is. The entertainment is for kids and not all kids watch these series such as the Suite Life of Zack and Cody etc. On the other hand, Cartoon Network tried spazzing it up for customers and seems to be unsuccessful. However, SpongeBob seems to remain the ever loved character of Nick today. With the history all these three channels have, one has to agree that they have not been successful in maintaining their positions today and lack everything a good show does. There are times when you don't have any other option but to hope that they come around and take over you again.

What to Conclude

Where one cannot pinpoint at who is right and who is wrong, we can come to the conclusion that all these channels have a different target group and seem to be trying hard to make even more viewers attracted to their channel. Where one cartoon or program may be liked, the other may instantly be disliked because it lacks the power each of these channels had. One has to agree, with everything good something bad has to be brought about as well and same is the case here. What used to be the best at one time seems to be missing the perfect element now.

Similarities and Differences

Where cartoons play an essential role in a person’s life, the three leading names seem to have lost the true meaning of entertainment and lack creativity. However, one cannot ignore the fact that they have been best at one time and that is the reason that they are still in the scene today. One cannot pinpoint at one channel because:

  • They all seem to have lost their magic that was once seen. No one can say which channel is better because they have seem to taken a downfall all together.
  • The target audience varies on each channel and also, almost every other program. This means that every channel has something that at one point or other, some person may like.

Which kid show has the best shows?
  • Nick
  • Cartoon Network
  • Disney

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