Bose vs. Yamaha: Sound System Pinnacle

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Difference between Bose and Yamaha

In the home sound system industry, few names come in at the top of the list for most consumers, most notably Bose and Yamaha. The two companies are at the forefront of affordable, high-quality systems, and their most innovative new products are the Bose Wave Music System and the Yamaha NeoHD Media Controller respectively. Both products come in at roughly the same price, so we thought it fitting to present a comparison of the two.


At A Glance

The Bose Wave Music System is ideally suited for home or office purposes and its wealth of features and ease of use makes it a perfect choice for beginners as well as more discriminating music listeners.

The Yamaha NeoHD Media Controller on the other hand boasts of an easy to use graphical user interface, and the straightforward remote control was a joy to use. This system also offers iPod and Bluetooth compatibility, which greatly adds to its flexibility.

Ease Of Use

The Bose Wave Music System is advertised with a tagline of “Simplicity by Design” and we have to say that the company definitely hit the mark with this one. The system was clearly designed to be easy to use right out of the box, and virtually no setup is needed to get the music to come pouring out. The device also reads MP3 CDs and even comes with an auxiliary input so you could plug in an MP3 player if the on board AM/FM radio and CD player don’t do it for you.

The Yamaha NeoHD Media Controller is equally straightforward and easy to use, and it has the further advantage of an attractive graphical user interface. Using the device is as easy as selecting the “Watch”, “Listen” or “Play” options with the remote cursor. In addition, you could also view high quality images such as cover art right from the display.


Among the more notable features of the Bose Wave Music System are the waveguide speakers that provide chest pounding yet detailed sound, the infrared remote control, the front loading CD player, and the generously sized display that comes with useful brightness and automatic dimming controls.

The Yamaha for its part offers what the company calls the Adaptive Dynamic Range Control, which basically adjusts the dynamic range of the audio depending on the volume setting you select. This gives you the feeling of power and clarity even at relatively low volumes. The system also comes with CINEMA DSP technology and a compressed music enhancer that improves the quality of video and mp3 sound sources.


Bose Wave Music System

  • Ideally suited for home and office use
  • Excellent audio performance
  • Remarkably easy to use
  • Comes with an infrared remote
  • Reads MP3 CDs
  • Elegant slimline design
  • Large, brightly lit display

Yamaha NeoHD Media Controller

  • Easy to use graphical user interface
  • Simple remote control
  • HDMI compatible
  • iPod and Bluetooth compatible
  • High quality image viewing from the display

Which one sounds better?
  • Bose
  • Yamaha

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