Total Gym vs. Bowflex: Home Gym Workouts

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Difference between Total Gym and Bowflex

In the pursuit of fitness, numerous people have turned to modern technology in the hopes that it would provide a solution that traditional fitness methods of physical exertion exercises have failed to do. There have been quite a few devices released on the market that aim to provide users with a total fitness package with many of the same benefits as going to the gym. Indeed, a number of such products are marketed as replacements for the entire gym experience, although it is of course questionable as to whether or not they can actually take the place of a fully equipped gym with all the latest exercise gadgetry. For those who prefer, for a bevy of reasons, to exercise at home workout devices are truly a gift. Some of the most notable of these products to have hit the market is the Total Gym and the Bowflex, both of which are the subjects of this comparison article.

Total Gym


In terms of convenience, the Total Gym definitely has a lot going for it. It easily folds up and takes neatly away into a small space, so you never have to worry about it getting in the way. The device works via a system of pulleys that control a board's up and down sliding movement. This ingenious system relies on the person's weight, although additional weights may be added with the upgrade option.

The Bowflex for its part has actually gone through quite a few improvements over the years, although it still retains pretty much the same form and function of previous models. It still uses a system of rods to provide resistance, as opposed to the weights and pulleys used by the Total Gym. The Bowflex is also just as handy and convenient as the Total Gym, and it folds up and tucks away just as easily.

In Use

As mentioned previously, the Bowflex relies on a system of "power rods" that the manufacturer claims provides the same resistance as free weights but with a much smoother action. According to the marketing materials, the Bowflex can be used to perform as many as 64 different exercises.

As for the Total Gym, it uses your body weight along with a system of pulleys and a board to provide resistance. The machine is ideally suited to a full body workout, and the manufacturer claims that you can do as many as 80 exercises with the unit.


The Total Gym is quite a bit cheaper to start out with than the Bowflex, with the base model coming in at about $400, compared to the base Bowflex model, which has a price tag of $900. That being said, the fully upgraded Total Gym is a lot pricier than the full Bowflex model, with a price tag of $4,500 versus the high-end Bowflex model that costs only $3,800. In addition, the Bowflex seems to be much more capable of providing a full workout than the Total Gym. In any case, both models are admittedly quite pricey, although you do get a lot of use in return.


Total Gym

  • Folds up and tucks away neatly and easily
  • Offers 80 different exercises
  • Base model is a lot cheaper than the Bowflex base model

  • Folds up easily as well
  • Offers 64 different exercises
  • High end model is cheaper than the high end Total Gym model


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