Canadian Conservative Party vs. Canadian Liberal Party

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Difference between The Conservative Party and The Liberal Party In Canada

In spite of the seemingly laid back temperament of the Canadian people, the country's history has been just as wracked with political conflict and turmoil as many other political hotbeds of the world. Often at opposing sides of conflicting political ideologies and policies are the country's Conservative Party and Labour Party, both of which are the subject of this revealing comparison article.

The Conservative Party
The Liberal Party In Canada


The Conservative Party of Canada is a political party that came about as a result of the 2003 merger between the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservative Parties of Canada. In the most recent Canadian federal election, the party received 37.6% of the total votes. At the time of this writing, the leader of the party is Stephen Harper, who was also the country's Prime Minister since 2006.

The Liberal Party of Canada is the earliest political party to have federally registered in Canada. Also known informally as “the Grits” the party adopts a center-left policy. Since the federal election of 2006, the party has been designated the Official Opposition party in the Canadian Parliament. The Liberal Party has actually been the dominant force in Canadian federal politics throughout much of the country's history, and it has in fact held power for nearly 70 years in the 20th century. This period is longer than that which any other party in the world has held power. The Liberal Party’s leader is Michael Ignatieff, and he has held the position since the Liberal leadership convention of May 2009.


Conservative Party grew out of several right-of-centre Canadian political parties that have existed in the country since the mid-19th century. As with many other conservative parties before it, members are often referred to as "Tories". The present Conservative Party of Canada also assumed the assets and liabilities of the previous Progressive Conservative Party following the 2003 merger.

The Liberal Party can trace its roots to the Reformers political party of the mid-1800s, which sought a responsible government in what was then British-held North America. Among the earliest members of the party were George Brown, Robert Baldwin, and William Lyon Mackenzie. The party was also comprised of the so-called “Clear Grits” from the northern part of the country and the Patriotes and Rouges from the south. All these factions often formed a united front in the legislature of the Canadian Province from 1854 onwards and in 1862 brought about a united Liberal Party that combined English and French Canadian members.


The Conservative Party is generally in favor of reduced taxes, a smaller government and the decentralization of the powers of the federal government powers toward the provinces. The party also opposes cannabis legalization and favors increased military spending.

Liberal Party

At present, the Liberal Party has tended towards policies that are informed almost equally by right and left leanings. Beginning in 1993 until 2006, the party was a strong advocate of balanced budgets and the total elimination of the deficit from the federal budget by way of the reduction of social program spending, proposing instead that funds be delegated to the provinces. The Liberal Party has also voiced support for same-sex marriage and medical cannabis use. The party has in fact proposed the total decriminalization of marijuana possession in small amounts, and is generally supportive of abortion.


Conservative Party

  • Resulted from the merger of the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservative Parties of Canada
  • Opposes cannabis legalization
  • Favors increased military spending

Liberal Party

  • Is the earliest political party to have federally registered in Canada
  • Also known informally as “the Grits”
  • Supports same-sex marriage and medical cannabis use

Comparison of Canadian Conservative Party and Canadian Liberal Party Video

Which party should be in power today?
  • The Conservative Party
  • The Liberal Party In Canada

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  • Jim . 3+ yrs. ago

Taxes are already too high. Liberals always over spend and raise more taxes. We need conservatives in this economy. Stephan Harper is the best for the country.

  • J V . 3+ yrs. ago

Till he gets rid of health care and we have to pay for it, and all other social services we enjoy. and he continues to let the oil companies make billions but lets us pick up the bill.

  • Dan . 3+ yrs. ago

what are you talking about? Harper only wants criminals to pay for their own healthcare. He doesent agree that Canadians are paying health care cost for criminals.

  • Debbie . 3+ yrs. ago

In my humble opinion, you are nuts. Harper is a traitor to Canadians and is an ImPerfect Dictator and his cons are too. They are corrupt, sorry to say, but it is true in my opinion. How many times have they been confronted about election fraud and more.........He won't even meet with the Canadian Premiers to discuss anything. They are also giving all the hardworking Canadian taxpayers' money, according to Harper himself, overseas to other countries and countries that are beyond terrorism and don't even have a legitimate government, plus the UN for women and girls overseas, I guess our women and girls are just so satisfied about everything that they are getting or provided in Canada like the missing aboriginal women and girls and we have no accountability to know if he's not and they are not just splitting the money between themselves and putting it into a numbered account somewhere because I have heard the people saying from different places that they haven't seen all of that money. They are also cutting public services and jobs like veterans'offices, pension age, unemployment and many other Departments that Canadians depend on and much, much more. Those cuts are job losses to Canadians.

  • Dave White . 3+ yrs. ago

the facts just don't bear out the statement that conservatives spend less, they have been poor shepherds of the public purse

  • carl . 3+ yrs. ago

Harper is a poo head

  • Mr. Canada . 3+ yrs. ago

Do you want a bunch of stoners running around?

  • J V . 3+ yrs. ago

Better than Harper throwing people in jail who medically should have access to medical pot, but because he messed up the system cant get it and get arrested for being forced to get it elsewhere. Plus its less of a health risk, less dangerous (but still is) to drive after and doesnt cause deaths like alcohol. Its like saying real guns are fine for people to own, but BB guns are illegal and dangerous.

  • lmao . 3+ yrs. ago

Stoners? Sure! crackheads? No! You must be old!

  • Dan . 3+ yrs. ago

Stoners suck and ruin our economy.

  • Riyad . 3+ yrs. ago

Actually weed brings in billions of dollars into our economy every year

  • Debbie . 3+ yrs. ago

Are any of the Harperites owners or part owners or own stock in the new companies they are making since they want to provide it and don't want you to grow your own which would be pretty close to free and competition for them.

  • Debbie . 3+ yrs. ago

You don't know what you are talking about, did someone warp your brain and tell you that?? Harper is ruining our economy and will succeed with twits running around.

  • Debbie . 3+ yrs. ago

It would be more fun and not so much anxiety for Canadians if people used pot instead of being corrupt and criminals like the cons. Plus the cons are legalizing pot and they might even be the managers and owners since they don't want to let anyone grow their own. They don't want the competition.

  • A.Stewart . 3+ yrs. ago

I dont see many informed Comments... Personally I'd Prefer a Conservative Government, Im in favor of a smaller government, yes I may not agree with all of the Conservative policies but Cannabis is PROVEN to dull the intelect. Lets have a smart Canada, not dull sheep who simply follow the herd.

  • Scott . 3+ yrs. ago

Epic fail Mr sheep.

Like you said "Cannabis is PROVEN to dull the Intellect". What about alcohol, why is that OK then? I'm pretty sure when your drunk you aren't perfectly acute. Cigarettes, being so addictive, why are they legal?

It's not about making marijuana legal so everyone can get high, its about making it legal so people have a choice.

The left is about striving to be better and adapting to new circumstances, morals, and new understandings. Its also based on science and critical thinking and adjusting its views based on that. Science has done many tests on marijuana and came to the conclusion that its not that bad (sure, when you are on it, you are impaired, i'm not arguing that). Yes driving while impaired is bad, be it weed or booze. BUT, do you know what is WORSE? Prohibition and the War on Drugs. Making marijuana legal is a great move foreword for the war on drugs. The US has this problem now of throwing all drug users in prison and building more prisons. Now they are overrun with inmates and need to build more prisons. I see news headlined everyday like "US panel urges Harper to rethink marijuana strategy" "don't reenact our mistakes". They know that prohibition is the wrong way to go. But still Harper enforces mandatory sentences for drug users.

Its the same thing with **** marriage, abortion laws, stem cell research and all things alike. Its about giving people a choice and adapting with change in morals, and scientific understanding.

No, I do not use drugs, but I am a huge proponent of science, and the scientific way of thinking. I look at things from a logical standpoint and base my opinions from there. Thats what made me an atheist as well, the more you know and learn about the bible or god (or any god/gods for that matter) the more you learn to recognize that it is bullshit. "Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful". - Seneca

The right (conservatives) view is based on the old way of doing things, sticking to the way we always do things. Non-adaptive, non scientific, religious way of thinking. WHO IN THIER RIGHT MIND WANTS THAT??? oh yeah, maybe those misguided, misinformed, or ignorant people who should learn to pick up a book! Maybe you are scientifically illiterate, or you just tend to think illogically, but there is a place in society for you unfortunately...... they have a name for it..................

.... Oh yeah i remember!


  • Debbie . 3+ yrs. ago

Yes, that might happen since pot might just help you in getting that Doctorate. What dulled your intellect? Try reading some of the information on Forces International

  • malek . 3+ yrs. ago


  • AnonymousJoe . 3+ yrs. ago

You do know that the Liberal party got people to vote for them by saying that the conservative party would cut the education budget, and then when they won they cut the education budget, right?

  • Peter Stevens . 3+ yrs. ago

Flock old darling get it flocking right!

  • Peter Stevens . 3+ yrs. ago

Especially spelling!!

  • Robb . 3+ yrs. ago


  • Darren O''Neill . 3+ yrs. ago

Regardless of which party is in power. Generally Canadians want the same things. Good social programs, heallth care, and to have a goverment that has our best interets in miind. We get this from either party, Politics is a side show with chests pumped and egos challenged. At the end of the day, workhard pay your bills and be a good citizen, thats all we can do. Change in goverment is always a 360, we get the same over and over. Just live- be happy.

  • Marcus . 3+ yrs. ago

There's no perfect party unfortunately that will come to power. I don't do drugs but I have mixed feelings about how it should be legalized (almost the same as liquor ie no driving etc) but canabis doesn't have effects that booze does like vomiting that let YOU know when to quit, hallucinating is also worse usually for you and those around you than blacking out. However like I said I don't do drugs and am probobly not "qualified" to take both perspectives sides (a) it's bad for you (b) dude I've done it I know when to stop.

  • Robb . 3+ yrs. ago

With comments about "hallucinations" being worse than blackouts, you, sir, are absolutely not qualified in the least. You are extremely misguided in your assumptions.

  • Dante . 3+ yrs. ago

Liberals always overspend and just raise taxes again. It's the same **** over and over again. They focus on the dumbest things instead of focusing on the priorities. Cut spending, lower taxes, improve the economy

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