Chinese vs. Western Medicine

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Difference between Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

Throughout human history, people have looked for ways to treat their maladies and diseases.  But in order to do this they needed to better understand the human body and its mechanics. Observation and experimentation were the primary tools in this pursuit. For curing, they used different herbs which they had discovered to be effective or in rare cases, rural area shamans adopted medical wisdom directly from spirit guides. In time, people perfected their techniques for a better response from the body to plant treatment. Industrial and scientific progress has led to advances in the medical world. Chemical properties are now thoroughly investigated to make way to new means of treatment.

Chinese Medicine
Western Medicine


Chinese medicine encourages the use of an overall observation of the human body to determine the diagnostic for a disease. It entails 4 methods such as to observe, hear and smell, ask about their background and touching. Combining clues from these observations, Chinese traditional medicine practitioners can determine the treatment needed. Western medicine relies on laboratory investigation of the body. After an examination of the patient, the doctor prescribes a set of laboratory analyses to be performed to determine the cause of the illness. 


According to Western medicine, patients are subjected to a treatment consisting mostly of pills to be taken for a prescribed amount of time. Doses are specifically stated from the beginning and the patient must comply to the routine set up by the doctor because a normal percentage of medication taken at right time can assure a smooth healing process. For critical medical conditions, doctors revert to surgery to extract the unhealthy organs or to try to remove damaged tissues which impede their normal physical functions. Doctors can also make use of modern equipment to investigate and cure patients. Recent developments can guide a doctor through the medical procedures he needs to perform for a more precise treatment regime. Chinese medicine relies greatly on natural remedies obtained from plants or animal sources. It also makes use of traditional therapeutic methods such as acupuncture or massage. Chinese believe each part of our body is directly influencing the flow of vital energy. When the practitioner stimulates pressure points via massage, a balance is created in the organism or body part which leads to healing.

General Perception

People perceive Western medicine as a scientifically based practice built on centuries of medical research and experiments which enables doctors with the knowledge to provide accurate diagnostic and treatment for many diseases known today. Chinese medicine is much appreciated by people inclined to revert to natural remedies for treatment. Although found unconventional by some, it is based on an extended process of observation and record keeping.


  • Diagnostic is based an observation in Chinese medicine, while for Western medicine it relies on laboratory analyses and medical investigation performed with advanced equipment.
  • Treatment consists in a natural therapy in Chinese medicine, while medication or surgeries are the base of Western medicine.
  • Western medicine is perceived as an accurate science, while Chinese medicine is appreciated for its natural approach.

Which one works better on heart problems?
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Western Medicine

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