Judo vs. Wrestling vs. Aikido

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Difference between Judo, Wrestling and Aikido

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between judo, aikido and wrestling? Most us know that there are wrestling elements involved but many of us do not know the exact procedure or style of these games. Whatever the differences are, we really enjoy watching these games as they are full of exciting moves. People love to see the skill, strength and speed displayed by the players. Let’s compare the finer points these three games and explore the real meaning and style.


Where They Came From

The literal meaning of judo is ‘gentle way’ or ‘way of softness’. This game was first created by Kano Jigoro in 1882 while aikido was first created by Morihei Ueshiba in 1920. Judo is a combination of martial training and formal education. It emphasizes simultaneously on personal, spiritual and spiritual self-improvement. On the other hand, aikido is a modern grappling based Japanese martial art. Aikido is also known for emphasizing the spiritual and philosophical development of its students reflecting the religious background of its founder. Wrestling is also an ancient martial art that uses grappling type techniques. It is mainly a physical competition between two or more competitors.


Though at first glance these three games look similar they have some specific rules and techniques of their own such as in judo, the participants use joint locks and pins to immobilize the opponent. However in aikido, we can see the use of grabs and strikes or feints to damage major points and to immobilize the opponent. Wrestling techniques are found to be incorporated into other martial arts as well as military hand to hand systems. We can see the wide range of styles with varying rules in wrestling. The styles of judo and aikido both resemble to other modes. Judo resembles wrestling, while aikido's attacks resemble a sword or other handheld weapon attack.

Recognized as Sports

Judo became an Olympic event in 1964 and has gained much popularity all over the world. Aikido was first brought to the rest of the world by Minoru Mochizuki in 1951. Gradually it became more and more popular. Today, the aikido dojo is available throughout the world. Wresting is now one of the most attractive sports events of the world. Though it has different styles, still people are crazy to see the muscular strength of the competitors.


  • Judo is the combination of martial training and formal education.
  • Aikido emphasizes on the spiritual and philosophical development of its students.
  • Wrestling is also an ancient martial art that uses grappling type techniques.

Who would win?
  • Judo
  • Wrestling
  • Aikido

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  • Guest
  • John Smith wrote on April 2013

Aikido would lose. Judo and Wrestling are close and who would win depends on a lot of things. Aikido however, isn't even in the same league. Spiritual (fake) and philosophical points won't help you in a fight. Aikidoka, unlike Judoka and Wrestlers, don't spar. They have no real sense of fighting.

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