Bollywood vs. Tollywood: Which is your favorite Indian cinema?

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Difference between Bollywood and Tollywood

Someone who is a bit more than a casual observer may find one thing peculiar in India which has to do with which Indian film hub makes better movies. North Indian’s have Bollywood and South Indian’s have Tollywood. Even your average good and intelligent people are found to indulge in this mud-slinging. I am sure that many Indians have tried to define the reasons behind the comparisons and come with no conclusive solutions! Whatever the arguments, let’s engage in a discussion about Bollywood and Tollywood productions



As we all know that the Indian film industries are jointly known as Bollywood. This film industry is based in Mumbai, but it does not mean the entire Indian cinema. Bollywood is the largest film producer in India and one of the largest centers of film production in the world. Tollywood refers to the film industries of south India and includes the cinema of Andhra Pradesh. Both the industries have their own stars, stories and artists. The Telugu language film industry that is Tollywood is credited with making some of the first talkie movies in the history of Indian cinema with the first being Bhakta Prahlada in 1931. Bollywood’s first talkie movie, Alam Ara, was also released in 1931.

Silent Films

In efforts to keep in step with the American film industry, Indian cinema kicked into high gear early in the 1900’s. The Indian film industry was born in 1912 with Tollywood’s first silent movie Bhisma Pratighna. In 1913, Dadasaheb Phalke produced the first silent Indian feature film, Raja Harishchandra. The Telugu film industry proudly produces around 275 films each year, making Tollywood the most productive film industry in India.

Location, Location

Chennai was used as the center for both Tamil and Telugu cinema until the early 1990’s. Gradually its historical importance and significance has risen to such a stage that many Telugu cinemas are shot in the old, traditional studios. Hyderabad is the present hub of Telugu movies. Besides, many successful Telugu films have been remade by the Hindi and Tamil film industries. Tollywood has also remade a fair number of films in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and some other languages. However, Bollywood does not exist as a physical place like Hollywood. Bollywood films are mostly musicals. The spectators usually expect catchy music in the form of song and dance woven into the script. A film's success often depends on the quality of such musical numbers.

Movie Fans

Spectators have spoken and what fans want is physical beauty. It is about the beauty of the heroes and heroines. You’ll often find that both industries believe in 'Fair is Beautiful' with respect to heroines. The fairer the woman the more in demand she becomes. Regarding the artistic value of the movies, some would say Tollywood sometimes provides authentic locations and culture beyond that of Bollywood which has a tendency to take on western attitudes in their accents, dress sense or styling.


  • Bollywood is the largest film industry of India and the largest centre of film production in the world.
  • Tollywood has the record of producing the first ever talkie movie.
  • Investing in both types of film is profitable mostly due to their huge popularity.
  • For exotic flair and a sense of worldliness one will find that movies are shot at foreign locations regularly.
  • Many directors have come up with interesting stories that really make all the difference.


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  • Vijay . 3+ yrs. ago

Excellent article, loved it. I am a Telugu living in US. Although standards are gone down, I am still proud of Telugu film industry. It produced one of the great films in India. The following 2 films are top grassers in Tollywood

1. Magadheera (2009)

2. Pokiri (2006)

  • tony . 3+ yrs. ago

1. tell me, if any of your director or actor or etc won national award 3 times.... u

  • sagar . 3+ yrs. ago

sabana won 3 times national award

  • sagar . 3+ yrs. ago

tollywood actors look like uncles and they can only get d roles of fathers and grand fathers in bollywood

  • Rok . 3+ yrs. ago

**** all Bollywood Heros, Mahesh Babau is the one answer for that matter all bollywood actors looks like grandpaa's to him.

  • tollywood rockers . 3+ yrs. ago

me avva thooto nu vu e language bey

  • sagar . 3+ yrs. ago

bollywood is the highest film production in the world

  • Telugu News . 3+ yrs. ago

We guys are using exelent articles in our site and latest update gossips daily.

  • Ali . 3+ yrs. ago

tollywood from where?

  • sid . 3+ yrs. ago

I think articles should be neutral. This article in tone is biased towards bollywood.

  • senthil . 3+ yrs. ago

I am from South and read entire article, honestly I was happy to see the article about Tollywood comparing to Bollywood. I did not see anything negative about Tollywood in the article. Good work guys... Please compare Tamil film industry next time.

  • tony . 3+ yrs. ago

don't compare ur comedy heroes with bollywood..even u can't compare with malayalam and tamilan industry

  • Naresh . 3+ yrs. ago

yes u right...dont don't compare ur gullywood comedy heroes with tollywood

  • Rok . 3+ yrs. ago

F*** all Bollywood Heros, Mahesh Babau is the one answer, for that matter all bollywood actors looks like grandpaa's to him.

  • raghu . 3+ yrs. ago

All Bollywood movies are utter stupid & just copying hollywood & european cinema. Telugu films are way better. Bollywood movies suck!

  • sagar . 3+ yrs. ago

that's why our bollywood stars r very popular in all over india and on d other side noone even knows the name of tollywood stars

  • Rok . 3+ yrs. ago

All Bollywood Heros are loosers, Mahesh Babau is the one answer, for that matter all bollywood actors looks like grandpaa's to him. Dumb ****, hindi is a widely spoken language, THAT IS THE ONLY REASON, you so call the famous bollywood heros, good for nothing!

  • Prabhu . 3+ yrs. ago

Tu madarchod hi reh jaayega hamesha, gandmare bhadwe!

  • tollywood rockers . 3+ yrs. ago

ne Amman denga ...l*ja kodaka ..gudhha dengichu ko ra..madaga

  • Jason . 3+ yrs. ago

Your Mahesh Babu is the 1 cross-dresser who used to get a fellatio from your mother while she used to breastfeed you.

  • tollywood rockers . 3+ yrs. ago

Ur the cross breed f*ker

  • tollywood rockers . 3+ yrs. ago

they r popular as **** stars

  • Vineeth . 3+ yrs. ago

Tollywood is the best! Bollywood is waste!!! Technically tollywood is the best! Bollywood makes utter flop films! I love Tollywood! Bollywood Sucks!

  • sagar . 3+ yrs. ago

ask any one in india who is d most loveable star in india and then u will got not a single person will tell any tolly star name

  • Naresh . 3+ yrs. ago

bollywood is only 1/4th of tollywood....east or west tollywood is the best...

  • Jignesh . 3+ yrs. ago

You really seem to be poor with your calculations, kid.

  • arunvarma . 3+ yrs. ago

bollywood is good....even tollywood too....tollywood hit or abv avg movie if me remake it into any language it will hit tollywood movies are universally accepted movies...but bollywood movies do not....but they are popular bcuz of the output they got.......

PAWANKALYAN aged 46,tollywood actor,see him and speak u vil never no his age,while srk aged 47,we can fink wrinkles all over d face

  • P. Ganeshan . 3+ yrs. ago

I am from Tamil Nadu and I don't feel ashamed to accept that movies from south India are really shallow and cannot be compared with Bollywood movies which are much better. Those who are behaving as "keyboard warriors" here for tollywood must admit it with grace. If we don't accept our limitations we can't improve at all.

  • suresh . 3+ yrs. ago

you telugu stupids. All your telugu movies are stupid movies. You just see some tamil films, then you will come to know the movie standards and how much your telugu movies are lacking behind in standard

  • giri . 3+ yrs. ago

bollywood lack of script and acting,only amitabh was phenomenon, nowadays no actor is good. and hindi actors lack of attitude and body languages and mannerisms, thats why we cannot find films for masses(people) in hindi, bcoz they cannot carry themselves they do what the directors say while in south it is differernt, tollywood can produce even more costlier films than bollywood ,Only glamour and bit of **** exposing can be a plus point in bolywood . Recently salman is trying a build a mass image in north india , it was happening a bit when prabhudeva was directing in wanted bcoz he invented some new dialogues , later on salman wanted to carry same in body guard , but what a ****... the movie stinks, he is acting like a kid. Hindi actors lack of body language , and seems like they do some drama over there.

  • giri . 3+ yrs. ago

bollywood lacks of quality , the youger ones in tollywood can do much better than any hindi actors . Because they speak hindi , and glamourous it seems that they r better ,first ofall what we say bollywood badhsha he himself is a big kutta

  • Prabhu . 3+ yrs. ago

Frankly dude, you are pathetic. Keep it up.

  • Desi . 3+ yrs. ago

As an Indian American, I've found the few Telugu movies I've watched to be somewhat better than bollywood movies. More unique plots, somewhat better acting, and the special effects are used more wisely. Only problem is that the English subtitles aren't too good, and I can't understand any Telugu (whereas I can understand some Hindi).

  • abinash . 3+ yrs. ago

if Bollywood is so called great then why they are remaking south indian movies as ghajini ,wanted,ready,force,bodyguard,singam etc.also planning to remake much more south indian movies in future ? are not they ashamed of it? just like they don't have their own stories for making a big blockbuster always following south indian stories .very good . very very good .keep it up. keep going.i am thinking only one thing if south indian movies will release in hindi dubbing then what will happen to bollywood ?they are national film maker but they are following regional film makers . all the very best.

  • Guest . 3+ yrs. ago

Well I am of South Indian descent and I'm pretty big on Hindi and Tamil movies, though occasionally I watch hits or films that were good and successful from Telugu and Malayalam. I watch the movies based on ratings, and film techniques used that create emotion, not from what language they are. I admit Hindi and Tamil have more of my taste, but I would never refuse to watch other regional languages if they are very good and considered hits, not only in their own region, but across the globe.

  • Shridar . 3+ yrs. ago

1. North India has 70+ crore population. Telugu and Tamil individually have 7-8 crore population. But they are producing same budget films as dat of d bollywood..

2. Bolywood s more popular just b'coz of their population. South films making better box office business compared to bolly.

  • Chandrashekhar . 3+ yrs. ago

Dear, its not about population its about craze of movies. In north the craze for watching movies has never been so great as in south. You compare two cities of north and south having same population. You will find south indian city has more cinema halls. Movies are larger than life in South, not in north.You worship heros, decorate their cut outs with garlands, celebrate a festival when his movie releases, these things are not practiced in North. This clearly indicates how crazy people in south are as compared to north.

Thus, an average person in south can watch a movie 2-3 times in south, but in north it is not more than one.

This is the reason why ssouth indian movies are able to make high budget movies these days.

Its just like if you sell lemon rice, you will obviously earn more money in south than in north, though the population in north is higher.

  • Shridar . 3+ yrs. ago

Bolly s completly depends on Love, ****, doka. (they dnt hv any other idea).. Malayalam, tamil, kannada films are getting most of d national awards..

  • Chandrashekhar . 3+ yrs. ago

Oh really? Just check the list of national awards and see yourself how many national awards telugu, kannada and tamil movies have got till date. I think bollywood dominates there too.

  • Rok . 3+ yrs. ago

We know bollybood politics.F** All Bollywood Heroes are loosers, MAHESH BABU is the one answer, for that matter all bollywood actors looks like grandpaa's to him. Dumb **** hindi is a widely spoken language, THAT IS THE ONLY REASON, you so call the famous bollywood heros but good for nothing!

  • Prabhu . 3+ yrs. ago

**** ****, you're!

  • BIGBUN . 3+ yrs. ago


  • Rok . 3+ yrs. ago

Good point! I would say bollywood is the one stands on the list ashamed. The technology used in Telugu movie is much higher in recent than Bollywood! example EEGA movie!

  • tollywood rockers . 3+ yrs. ago

nuvvu Keka baaaaa

  • tollywood rockers . 3+ yrs. ago

re cream bunnuuuu ne gud ha lo gunnuuuu

  • mike US . 3+ yrs. ago

**** telugu cinemas

only hindi and tamil flims are good

  • deepak . 3+ yrs. ago

i think both tollywood & bollywood are good.But bollywood has different types of stories an where as tollywood has just action scenes and nothing i think bollwood rocks.

  • mdameen . 3+ yrs. ago

telugu movies has major disadvantage is tat all its movies are just hero's movies, director goes totally unnoticed same in bollywood to some extend. but in tamil,malayalam,bengali films things are different there and national awards proves it... u cannot say a movie industry is best only bcoz those movies are watched by most number of peoples.. but u can a industry is best with the quality they made.. in tat aspect i feel tamil,malayalam,bengali are realy gud and original

  • Ashish . 3+ yrs. ago

Nowadays Bollywood is presenting some great plots like Pan Singh Tomar, My Name is Khan and other.

Bollywood movies are improving day by day and we have seen some women oriented plots like THE DIRTY PICTURE, KAHANI AND NO ONE KILLED JESICA.

The story of tamil movies are very good. but some people say that bollywood is copying the stories of south indian movies but this is not true.

I think the south indian directors are making the remake of those successful films in bollywood.

  • Monika . 3+ yrs. ago

I am north indian. I watch both hindi and telgu (dubbed) movies. I feel telgu movies are more entertaining and decent. But I am not against bollywood. Amitabh bachhan was the life of bollywood. In tollywood i like Allu arjun . I even like Rajnikanth .

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