Hertz vs. Avis: Better rental car?

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Difference between Hertz and Avis

Car rentals are very much in demand, especially for travelers who visit far off places for business or for pleasure. Traveler’s need to know there will be a car available for rental when they reach their destination, a car that is in good shape. Today, there are two car rental companies who are on top of the car rental service and have served many people for decades. These companies are Hertz and Avis – are both fully engaged in the car rental industry. Read below to find out the detailed comparison of the two.


Company Profile

Hertz, also known to the public as Hertz Rent a Car is the biggest car rental company in the world with 3,500 establishments in the US and 7,500 all over the world. Aside from that, Hertz also renders to its customers rentals for heavy equipment in their company division called Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation. This branch of Hertz has over 300 locations worldwide. In New Jersey, another car rental company giant – Avis Rent a Car System operates on different countries around the world. The operations of this company are controlled by two divisions namely the Avis Budget Group which supervises the operations in the West and Avis Europe plc for other countries. Currently, Avis owns more that 4,000 branches around the world.

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are known for their reputation in fuel efficiency and optimum performance. At present, these cars are mainly operational in the US and Hertz and Avis grabbed the opportunity to make use of these cars. Currently, Hertz made a statement that they will be acquiring hybrid cars (Toyota Prius) and estimates to have at least 4,000 units dispatched in major airports in the US. Consequently, Avis will also be dispatching more than 1,000 hybrid cars for rent across the United States.


It is important to be safe when traveling, but at the same time, it is also essential to have a guide for people not to get lost along the road. Avis introduced the Where2 program where the user could have access to 3D maps and enjoy music on their MP3 players. In addition, these gadgets are also compatible with Bluetooth and it is constantly updated with regards to the traffic, construction sites and weather for people to be able to calculate their time of arrival in a certain destination. Hertz on the other hand has the NeverLost program which gives the users access to over 10 million restaurants, hotels, gasoline stations, and other places all over America.


  • Hertz and Avis are car rental companies which has thousands of branches all over the world.
  • Hertz and Avis offer hybrid car rentals effectively in the United States.
  • Hertz has the NeverLost GPS system and Avis has the Where2 program wherein Avis beats the competition to Hertz with regards to technology and information dissemination.

Hertz and Avis GPS Comparison

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  • david . 3+ yrs. ago

Hertz has the Never Lost GPS system and Avis has the Where2 program wherein Avis beats the competition to Hertz with regards to technology and information dissemination.Very well said and this makes it more confusing for the traveler .

YOu are saying both are good so i guess i will go with the cheaper one.

  • Houston limo service . 3+ yrs. ago

I too agree with you that the demand of car rentals is very much among people due to so many advantages. It is one of the best option for the limited budget people.

  • Anon User . 3+ yrs. ago

I was making a search on the difference between Hertz and Avis from very long time. At last I got the information on your blog.

  • JaxonSmith . 3+ yrs. ago

Wow! You’ve certainly done a great job by posting this bit of information for the benefit of us viewers. It’s so great to know that the Internet is not a dumb place after all.

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