Airbus vs. Boeing: Who's bigger?

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Difference between Airbus and Boeing

In the past, people used aircraft to transport goods faster from one region to another and some of them were developed to win wars for armies and countries. It was later when aircraft inventors thought of using the technology of flight to transport not only goods but passengers who wished to travel to different parts of the world. Through the combined efforts of inventors and the revolution of technology, there are two premiere aircraft that have risen up to represent luxury and power in the air – the Airbus and Boeing airplanes. These two giants have ruled the air for almost a decade now and we will take a closer look at different perspectives of these two airplane giants.



The European company known as Airbus is responsible for the design and manufacturing of the Airbus 380 and 440M. The 380 is a wide body, four engine, double-deck airplane and is considered the biggest passenger airplane over all the world. On April 27, 2005, it made its first flight in Toulouse, France. Two years after, on October 25th, the Airbus was first made public and soared the air to Sydney from Singapore in cooperation with the country’s Singapore Airlines. 

Boeing Commercial Airplanes on the other hand developed the Boeing 787 Dreamliner which is a wide body, mid-sized, double-engine airliner jet which is capable of transporting a maximum of 330 passengers. Boeing boasts of this aircraft’s use of composite materials for its production and is by far the airlines’ most fuel-saving plane to date. Boeing cutting edge technologies are firmly entrenched in military uses as well as uses in new space shuttle launching.


The developers of the Airbus airplanes came up with two models to offer the public. The first model was the A380-800 which has the capacity to carry 538 passengers on the major deck and an additional 315 passengers atop, for a total of 853 people. After a while, they developed a newer model which is 30 passengers short of the original model. The other model that Airbus has developed was the A330-200 which totally weakened the sales of Boeing jets. This is what inspired Boeing to create a new model, the 747X together with the Sonic Cruiser. Both these models by Boeing were fuel-efficient but the airliners were a little hesitant due to the costs of operation involved in these aircraft.

Flight Deck

In order to save on training costs for the crew, the new model of Airbus has retained all they layout of the cockpit and all the operating procedures. A few improvements were made for the appearance of this airplane including the LCD monitors and additional Multi-Function Displays. Boeing on the other hand has taken their flight deck design to the next level by implementing a AFDX Ethernet for faster information sharing.


  • The Airbus airplane is a double-deck plane capable of carrying more than 500 passengers up and down.
  • The Boeing airplane came up with a two new models to beat the growing sales of Airbus, but airline companies are hesitant to order due to high operating costs involved.
  • The Airbus consumes fuel on a normal proportion compared to other planes. Boeing on the other hand boasts of its models fuel-efficiency, however, the operating costs are high.

Airbus and Boeing Video


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