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Difference between CNN and Fox News

It is hardly surprising that CNN and Fox News would often be compared with one another, what with both news agencies being the biggest players in the industry and notorious in connection with the White House. The competition between the two has become quite fierce at numerous times in the past to say the least and the question of which one is the better source of news comes up with some regularity.

While there are a number of distinct differences between the two, along with their own unique advantages and disadvantages, it may be helpful to realize that CNN and Fox News are both mainstream news sources. This means that they are actually a lot more alike than you would think and they do share a number of similarities. With that being said, let's take a look at their more salient aspects.

Fox News

Content and Focus

CNN generally puts out a greater number of stories than Fox News does and it is slightly more focused on news events related to the international scene. CNN correspondents appear to be less bent on promoting a political agenda than their Fox News counterparts. Fox News for its part tends to offer longer news items with a lot more reinforcement for their storylines.

Website Features

As for their websites, CNN again wins out in this category with a much more well-designed and more aesthetically pleasing homepage. It also offers a number of useful features that make navigation a lot easier and more elegant. CNN has an advantage over Fox News in that it offers a lot more categories of news. Its pages also load more quickly than Fox News’ and it definitely has a much better search function. For instance, you can perform searches that will call up only certain capitalized words.

Fox News’ search function leaves a lot to be desired, since it often fails to display the new articles of the day. Fox News featured articles appear to be more sensuous and pop culture with its flashy images and less focused on serious subjects.

CNN also always displays a full page of results, while Fox News displays only three or four news items until you refresh the page, revealing a full news page. To its credit, Fox does include links to recent articles related to the news item.

Political Leanings

CNN is obviously the more liberal of the two. While the more extreme elements of either side would be quick to point to the relative political moderation of both news services, they do clearly exhibit their leanings.



  • Tends to publish more stories
  • More focused on international issues
  • Website offers more news categories than Fox’s site
  • Website loads a lot faster than Fox’s
  • Has a better search function
  • More liberal bent

Fox News

  • Usually offers longer stories
  • Website is designed with more attractive images
  • Typically offers three main stories
  • Site displays only the most recent news, with a refresh necessary for the full page
  • Search function could be improved
  • Offers links for similar stories with every article
  • More conservative stance
Which news service is more truthful?
  • CNN
  • Fox News

Discuss It: comments 101

i don't love cnn but foxs news is just creepy and preachy

Is there any happy news in CNN? They highlight only the wrong news in CNN.

I can't trust Fox news. They are the least trusted news site in the world. I like huffingtonpost, this is the best news blog.

To answer your question, sometimes. but the only reason is because most "happy news" is used as fluff. "Happy news' does nto typically affect the audience in any sort of way, but bad news is always affecting someone somewhere. But I must ask, why Huffington? It's a blog, after all.

But CNN has been criticized for having people act like Ron Burgundy in the past such as Rick Sanchez.

FOX is the MOST trusted news station of all.

Put the koolaid down.

It may be, but it is the most biased channel on television. It does not do anything for anybody but the right wing, conservatives and the Republicans. And they bash anything that has to do with the Democrats/liberals. There are no pros and cons on that channel debating anything on most of their shows. Those are my reasons why I don't like to watch FOX very much.

obviously you haven't obtained the Fox Cable News Channel. Juan Williams a democrat who used to be on CNN is a Fox News Contributor. And he debates on the Five all the time! Smith has his own show on Fox News and he is quite Liberal. You just need to watch the show and you'd see that both Liberal and Conservative views flow!! That's why it's better than CNN... because all their doing now is trashing Trump... they've become the National enquirers of the broadcast world... Even Lou Dobbs left CNN for Fox News!!

Exactly. CNN is the pariah of newspapers right now.

  • Guest
  • Wayne Halford wrote on April 2020

I didn't know they had a newspaper.

See note below. Thank you Wayne Halford for correcting another displaced, and ignorant, Trump fan: wiulbur.

If you are open to all sides may I suggest you watch some international news on you tube. Its not just CNN & FOX reporting on Trump...the general consensus of the world is that he is a poor leader,,, just saying.

You know, it was Trump's team that coined the phrase "fake news" prior to him being elected. Trunp supporters are eating it up

Of course the consensus is he is a poor leader. Most counties have been taking advantage of the USA. Just look at the real statistics. Trump pulled us out until other countries cough up and live up to their agreements. I bet they don't like him.

  • Guest
  • Concerned wrote on July 2020

CNN trashes Trump? Of course, that’s what HE wants you to believe. Haven’t you learned yet after 3.5 years of his egomaniacal rantings against anyone who says something that he does not like? What about Trump’s 18,000+ lies and disinformation since taking office? Trump is the most dangerous president our country has ever had—ask his sister! You better wake up and smell the coffee, Bill. And that goes for the rest of you “The Apprentice” fans. I must admit that Trump is a good reality star/entertainer. Ultimately, that’s why his fans like him + Trump’s rantings support their world view. It’s despicable!

  • Guest
  • John Simmons wrote on June 2019

There is no channel more biased than CNN and MSNBC !! They are sickening. The only thing CNN is good for is putting it on the air first. They may be as wrong as 2 left shoes but they are first. At my job we kept the TV on CNN so we could see what is happening where so we could reroute traffic (worked at AT&T). Other than that they are worthless.

  • Guest
  • vj williams wrote on August 2019

I agree with you about the traffic and weather reports being only reason I listen to CBS/CNN/and MSNBC lost a lot of credibility when they kept what's his name on Brian Williams I believe who said he served in VietNam and recounted incidents and later we find out he lied.

Rachel Maddox was funny when she thought she had the President's unpublished taxes and it turned out the papers she 'broke' as a story was published in the NYTimes years before.

  • Guest
  • Wayne Halford wrote on April 2020

Maybe you haven't watched Fox News if you think CNN is biased. I'm sure the bias is simply a matter of what you believe to be true which isn't always what is true.

  • Guest
  • Steve Kemper wrote on January 2020

They have pros and cons all the time and yes they are conservative leaning . That's because they need a conservative voice on the air to answer to all the mainstream news channels that push propaganda 24/7. You know like CBS ABC CNN NBC NPR and the list goes on.

  • Guest
  • Wayne Halford wrote on April 2020

Unfortunately, it's folks like yourself that are part of this #clustertrump. The Republican Party is no longer. They just follow him with no compulsion or caring for people that are going through the worst time in our lifetime.

What I like about Fox is that they have some liberal commentators and give their honest answers so you can compare. Ex: Juan Williams.

  • Guest
  • Victoria LaVell wrote on January 2017

OMG... YOU ARE SO WRONG ! Fox News has the worst record for getting the facts wrong. Perhaps next time you will do your homework before you post. There is nothing wrong with supporting Fox News, just make sure you are supporting them with something "factual" to back it up. ... and just FYI... "alternative facts," don't count. lol

People who listen to Fox News don't seem interested in truth of the Facts, especially when comes to political news. I have tried to listen to Fox New, but it is so slanted politically that I have to turn it off. CNN always offers both sides of political issues with people on form both sides of the political spectrum giving their opinions!

  • Guest
  • Lupe gonzales wrote on January 2019

No way!! They at least give both sides. CNN’s anchors are drama queens and whine about Trump all day and all night. Can’t stand this channel.

That’s because Trump makes an **** of himself all day and all night. He is his own worst enemy! Lying like a rug! I do think CNN embellishes the news, but Fox, just out and out lies!

  • Guest
  • Wayne Halford wrote on April 2020

Like the rest of this #clustertrump, his supporters only believe the lies from Fox News. Trump will go down in history as the worst president ever.

  • Guest
  • Steve Salamon wrote on January 2018

Have you every heard of 'conformational bias'? It simply says that we tend to prefer messaging that confirms our preexisting thinking. It's a very human trait. But it has a very dark underbelly: When in it's grip, we tend, over time, to get stuck in our sources (so-called political 'echo chambers'), and also over time undergo an erosion of trust in people we know, first thinking that they're 'misguided', then just plain wrong, then having a serious 'gap', and then, through a few more steps we come to view people we may have once truly cared about as 'evil'. This phenomenon is what is behind the truly frightening degree of separation that we have between political factions in our country at this time. This is bad for us as individuals and very bad for us as a country. My best advice is to watch neither FOX News nor MSNBC (although one of them is by far the more likely to lie, they do at least represent the most politically motivated source for each side.) Or, if you just cant help yourself, watch both so you get some thinking from both sides. There are a number of truly (or very nearly) neutral news sources. I read 'the Week' -- a pretty neutral weekly news magazine which, on stories which have political weight, they publish both sides of the argument. try opening your mind up to at least the possibility that the folks on the 'other' side may have something of value to say.

This is perfectly said! So True. I love it. May I copy this?

Agree, and the ratings show that. I watch them more than other new sources because they have pro and con speakers representing opposing views. Once in a while I am actually moved to change my opinion, and that has prompted me to view more.


  • Guest
  • Patty Sears wrote on July 2018

Would love to see the fact check site you got this from...please

  • Guest
  • gerry komuves wrote on January 2019

A totally inaccurate, unsupportable statement; just like most FOX content.

  • Guest
  • James Campbell wrote on April 2019

there is NO COMPARISON ---ie. CNN & MSNBC are made up of panels of 5 to 8 Trump haters all seeing who can out do the others by calling Trump the most offensive names they can think of -- Fox does things differently -ie. at least FOX NEWS allows people on the air who have opposing views (like the view that everything should be free & that the world will end if we don't elect a democrat:) I watch 'em all Fox kicks at least attempts to be far - while also kicking CNN & MSNBC's all day & all night HATE news. Russia Russia Russia guess what folks -- no collusion

Now we know why you like Fox

Yes, lots of collusion! Lots of lies too !

  • Guest
  • Phillip wrote on July 2019

Do you even looked ok at the facts for is about hate

  • Guest
  • Wayne Halford wrote on April 2020

You're either a troll or very uninformed.

  • Guest
  • Concerned wrote on July 2020

You’re really messed up!

  • Guest
  • Pierre wrote on September 2020

Oh my... just go look at Jordan Klemperer vs trump supporters....nought said!

Huh? CNN gets caught lying all the time. Fox might be more geared towards the right but at least they don't straight up lie.

Yes they do lie all the time and are so slanted I cannot stand to watch it!

What show are you watching? I tried, but then I actually researched what they said, and Fox is propaganda! At least CNN has both Republicans and Democrats debating the opinions. I don't claim either republican or democrat as my party. Both seem to be corrupt to me. I am an American first. Lying is lying when it comes from either!

  • Guest
  • boogyman wrote on September 2018

Cnn and msnbc ect are by far the worst when it comes to propaganda and lies. Whoever says fox doesnt include both sides is flat out lying, they all do that. They invite the other side and try to make them look bad. This is how they all work.

That said, cnn msnbc ect give the most blatant bs arguments and stories that its a wonder how they fool people. If you fall for leftist propaganda you are essentially religious. They sell oppression and prohibit questioning, even in matters of science, which strictly contradicts the whole point of science, the limitation of bias.

Fox has its issues but it is far better than the rest of MSM.

Those of you who talk about fact checking, clearly dont realize you are doing so on leftist establishment sites. But again, its hard to explain this to someone who cannot see through snopes, ect. They are just as biased as the rest but they act as if they are not. Thats a problem.

Snopes, for instance, has been caught labeling mostly false when a rep says the exact statement a "mostly true" dem did.they also have this way of twisting an argument away from saying its true, often with some irrelevant aspect. To clarify, if i made damning statement A about a conspiracy that could be supported by evidence, they would chose tbe person giving bs argument B to "debunk" and discredit the whole conspiracy. Considering this govt has been caught using disinfo agents, this could go hand in hand any time.

Ultimately, i dont trust any of them but fox is certainly the better of these prkpaganda outlets. They have never been caught falsifying and staging news in the ways that cnn has. People who say otherwise are simply not being objective but the footage doesnt lie.

Anyways, there is no defending the notion of socialism + open borders that the left is pushing towards. That is a recipe for disaster and only a fool doesnt realize that. Just a few years ago those people preached border strengthening. My my how they flip.

Dont get caught up in this dialectic, the establishment works from both sides. This 2 party system is largly a dialectic facade to divide while obamas hug and kuss bushes like family.

Rachel maddow was at a choked up loss for words over the children but claps for bombs in syria? Mccain forbid trump from his funeral but had henry kissinger of all evil, to memorialize him?

Mccain, the man who cheated on his wife after she waited 5.5 years for him as a pow and had been disfigured in a car wreck. The man who called his second wife a c**t in front of every media outlet. The man who physically assaulted numerous other politicians, lied about his time as a songbird in vietnam, lied about building a wall to be reelected in Az, then went back to his ways of writing and signing every amnesty bill that came his way. Opposed a mlk day until he ran for pres, oh and lets not forget, killed abt 135 people on carrier when a bomb supposedly dropped from his plane, injuring another 160. That man destroyed more planes than the vc id bet, and im not just referring to the carrier fire.

See thrkugh the facade people.

  • Guest
  • joseph spencer wrote on November 2019

You are so full of it your eyes must be brown

Well said Lisa! There is only one truth, and I am appalled that the news is embellished to the point that it is no longer the truth!

I can not stand being lied to ! I do think that nobody can lie like Donald Trump!

And the lawsuits against CNN also proves that point.

If Fox doesn’t lie, Trump sure makes up for it!

  • Guest
  • Timothy Johnson wrote on October 2017

If you would watch them 2-3 hours in a row there will be some posit e happy news on CNN, I like them because they don’t call Hillary right in her wrongs, but Fox News will make an angel outta trump every time! I hate trump for all his lies, lack of empathy and just the ridiculous things he says, mostly the arrogance and the bold faced lies! He’s a true bigot, bully, and no more than a spoiled **** rich punk in a suit!!

I agree with you Timothy--CNN is a much superior news network!

Ditto on that Timothy! A pathological, narcissistic, egomaniacal lier!

  • Guest
  • jim wrote on July 2018

you are a ****?

  • Guest
  • Jim Ziegelbauer wrote on November 2018

That is your opinion and must be respected for that BUT how can you tell me that CNN cares about anyone but Democrats and Blacks I would like you to list for me 10 Stories out of 11 that CNN publishes that dose note spread the CNN NEWS of Hate Trump and then do the same for me from Fox News, that shows Republicans that Hate OBAMA

  • Guest
  • Hevyn wrote on January 2021

Actually they show all sides. They have a program call CNN heroes. It is a beautiful program. Also CNN tell all kinds of stories and it is much more diverse with all sorts of perspectives but I do believe that at times they embellish their stories but that does not mean it is completely fake. I believe in listening to all sides that is why I am more keen now to read news that it is more neurtal. I dont just watch or read news for shock value. I also dont read or watch news because I agree with it. I believe in the going's ons in the world take it in and respond accordingly. I dont react. I have discernment and I believe in doing what is right.

  • Guest
  • Dennis Crane wrote on March 2016

So sorry but you are blind to the facts. I'm Canadian and watch the liberal con job and you are obviously one of their suckers.It isatotal con job and down the road you will feel the pain. Dennis


  • Guest
  • gerry komuves wrote on January 2019

I'm a Canadian as well, Dennis, and do not share your bias. You may want to note that the first 3 letters of conservative are c-o-n. Just a coincidence?

To my USAmerican friends and relatives: you do not have a monopoly on people who "think" via their amygdala instead of their prefrontal cortex.

  • Guest
  • Lillian wrote on May 2019

They have opinionist on Fox who give their personal opinions and probably who you watched, but they have news reporting too. I suggest you give Shepard Smith or Wallace a listen. They are both liberals, but their reporting is very fair and without bias. Sometimes Shepard Smith is very hard on reporting on the President, but you get facts and not lies.

Fox news stories are just a series of sound bytes. At least CNN offers explanations and discusses what happened. Not limited to 5 word sentences that make good bumper stickers.

It is interesting that your sound byte statement about Fox News being about sound bytes contradicts the very article you are commenting in. Did you read it or just using your liberal sound byte card?

  • Guest
  • Teren Smith wrote on January 2017

Gettem Gail 😂

comparing the search function on the website? I was looking for a serious article on which news offers more acurate/truthfull/relevent news...

Ive seen some of the garbage that fox put out there, but one must assume that these are the extreme cases. I was looking for some information on the overall credibility of these organisations.

I have noticed that fox news tends to involve a lot of "opinion forcing". Its as though they believe that if they tell you something is "bad" or "amazing" that you will just take that opinion as your own. They also seem to go out of their way to "prove" that they are right.

Where I come from the news tells you what has happened, rather than what you should think about someone or their actions.

Come on the Communist News Network (CNN)? Please.

  • Guest
  • James Hucke wrote on April 2019

Thank you for proving the Conservative bias. Calling CNN "Communist" literally makes no sense.

I agree with y'all people cnn news is better!!!!

CNN is not better. Look what they did to try to hide the Benzasi/libya affair before the election. Fox NEws covered it thoroughly. Look what Candy Crowley did to Mitt Romney during the debates. She lied for President Obama

Yes, but if Benghazi happened under the republicans, you best believe fox news wouldn't have been so quick to report it.

You're drinking too much of the CNN kool-aid. I'll bet Fox would have reported sooner the CNN would have. If it was a repub in office now, CNN would be all over it screaming.

@Ben- Fox news regularly breaks stories about both parties, and did so when Bush was president as well. They also have lively, but fair debate on both sides of issues. Fox has more liberal commentators than CNN has conservatives. This comparison doesn't address accuracy at all. Fox has been forced to retract statement MUCH less than CNN.

  • Guest
  • Aisha Usman wrote on December 2016

It was reported anyway. We are not talking about what would have been.

if Benghazi had happened during the Republican President's time, there would have been air support and the 12 CIA agents just 1/2 mile away would have engaged and saved the Ambassador.

  • Guest
  • Dennis Crane wrote on March 2016

whoever told you that **** is aliar like bill Clinton who always was a slime

Not a real fan of either, cnn just does not get as personal as fox does, but fox is more **** bent in pushing political garbage down the nations throat... When they should be biased on such things, cnn can be said to have done the same thing in the past but fox seems to forget that it is a news outlet not a government ruler.

Fox News is a massive joke. There is some level of bias in all news agencies, admittedly. However, no one is as overt and consistent with their bias as Fox. Sometimes it's so ridiculous it gets comical. For example, when Bush was president and the war in Iraq started polling not so well, Fox portrayed him as a man of honor, a man of principle who does not rule by the polls, who does what he knows is right. When the mandate provision of the Obamacare package polled low, they claimed he was out of touch and unamerican. They spent months hammering away at Benghazi and the lack of the Obama administration's candor, yet I never once saw them have a problem with Bush and Cheney refusing to testify in front of the 9/11 commission. 4 Americans died in Benghazi, over 2700 on 9/11. Luckily, Fox is becoming pretty widely known as total BS and not "real news." It's a political propaganda network, not a news network.

As a military officer and a highly educated person. I watch FOX NEWS as do over 75% of military officers. Your comments are offensive to us. On military bases, you won't see CNN or MSNBC very much as we are smart enough to watch only true fair and balanced news. FOX widely known as BS???? what are you smoking? Every single day, FOX News ratings trounce all other main stream media outlets.

I love you! Yes my sister is in the army we are conservative. What is your branch? I plan to go into the Air Force and go to college and become an officer

  • Guest
  • Phillip wrote on July 2019

Thank u for ur service there is nothing wrong with fox if u love to have people that disagree with u. I have known Tucker Carlson I was in his wedding he doesn't believe half of what he sayz. He actually thinks it's funny peop!e believe it


  • Guest
  • Jim Sprake wrote on November 2015

So what your saying is, all the other kids are doing it! See if that works with your parents, this time...bad reason.

  • Guest
  • Jim Sprake wrote on November 2015

On military bases, you will see CNN.More disinformation.

  • Guest
  • Lupe gonzales wrote on January 2019

Guess that’s why they are rated so high. Seems most people do not share your opinion.

  • Guest
  • joseph spencer wrote on November 2019

BBC, MSNBC=Greatest credibility

  • Guest
  • NewsDude wrote on December 2014

I Like Both

  • Guest
  • idkmanjusteveryoneunbunchtheirpanties.USsucksrn wrote on November 2017

I love this guy…

  • Guest
  • Judy Richter wrote on May 2015

It's all an educated guess and knowing how to decide if it's opinion or factual!

  • Guest
  • Jim Sprake wrote on November 2015

Came here second,first was to compare BBC CNN Al Jazeera Russia today fr24 is largely ignored, in the real field. Polifact says CNN 60 % fox 18 % true...

One more point of fact. Between 89 and 91% of the Washington press corps have voted for the democrat in every presidential election since Eisenhower. This was true prior to 1996 (the start of Fox News) and is still true today, even with Fox News. To pretend that there is no Liberal bias, or that it's 'a little of both' is absurd. Fox has far more liberals than CNN, and all other news agencies have conservatives. As an illustration, look how much flak ALL republicans received from the MSM for simply offering 'thoughts and prayers' to the CA victims. There is ample evidence that gun laws make mass shootings MORE common, not less. Even if you say that there is evidence on both sides of the gun debate, where was the balance in the media attacks on conservatives? I understand liberals politicizing the tragedy (but disagree, and thought it was despicable that they 'pounced' on it), but the media taking sides? Empirical evidence does not support the gun control side of the debate enough for such a one-sided media response.

  • Guest
  • kelly wrote on January 2016

BBC is better than both

  • Guest
  • Jaffer Khoonjee wrote on September 2016

BBC, CNN & Fox News are all the same. They all project their own agendas, which in most cases overlap!

  • Guest
  • hunter wrote on September 2016

Fox News is more truthful, to be honest I vote for Fox News. Its better news, CNN is just boring and shows barely anything significant excluding Election news. I don't know why people watch CNN. Those people need to expand their minds and look for new networks and not watch the same Network.

  • Guest
  • Mister White wrote on April 2017

I think CNN is better, their stories are more detailed where as Fox does a lot of reaching for topics. I've tried to give fox a try but I just can't especially when Greg Gutfied is on the 5 or his own stupid dumb show !!! everything is about image with fox seems like it's all about what everything looks like vs what everything should be

I'm not really a true news girl as I've always felt like the stations were saturated in negativity and the stories are told to shape society's ideals. I've never found a true news source that reports the stories in hopes that its audience forms its own opinions, so I opted out. For years, I would catch blog posts, and online headlines, and even television news from time to time. But now, I feel it necessary to be more informed and take on the responsibility of not just watching, reading and accepting BUT commit to comparing, researching and forming my own opinion about news that matters. Fox and CNN will definitely be a resource, but I will look into other sources as well such as A+ and Huffington. Please let me know if you have any other suggested news sources I should look into.

FOX News, in my opinion, tends to be more truthful. CNN tends to be more hateful with divisive rhetoric.

I just don't trust CNN.

  • Guest
  • James wrote on July 2017

I find the opposite to be true; I find FOX News to be much more partisan and untruthful than CNN. They both have their own ideological bent, but I find that CNN is more consistent in their factual foundations.

Perhaps your own distrust of CNN doesn't allow you to see CNN's positive attributes, Rhonda.

  • Guest
  • TR wrote on September 2017

You are very right ! I compared for a month, and analyzed.

  • Guest
  • idkmanjusteveryoneunbunchtheirpanties.USsucksrn wrote on November 2017

this debate is too **** 4 me. Just watch what you want as long as it doesn't affect what you do. Like don't shove ur **** in a toaster if Fox says so. And don't microwave ur cat if CNN says its good for the environment. like jesus. Im a kid and Im more educated than whatever the **** u guys r rant about. Just shitposting on ur blogs and Facebook pages all day. No one cares. If u wanna get involved then go get a good education. Study law for 5-10 years. Then get into politics. Otherwise don't talk about this. Also if u want to know the truth, look at like 3 different sites and compare. Then ask ur friends. Then think about what u think. If something matters that much then doing all this isn't a problem.

  • Guest
  • idkmanjusteveryoneunbunchtheirpanties.USsucksrn wrote on November 2017

ima move to Germany jesus christ.

  • Guest
  • Guest wrote on February 2018

Fox is full of lies and hate

  • Guest
  • Jimmy Burgoff wrote on June 2019

I am saddened and confused. There are several friends of mine that are very conservative and moral people. I would trust them unflinchingly with my life and credit cards. Yet I do not understand their loyalty to DJT in the slightest. I deeply believe that DJT and Senator McConnell are criminal thugs who deserve a long jail term. How can I separate my personal and political philosophies that seem to conflict with their/our common shared values.

  • Guest
  • Luisa wrote on August 2019

I love CNN.

  • Guest
  • dan wrote on October 2019

none unless it is a direct quote unedited from source and able to back it up with tape or video. In a day were everyone has a cell phone and camera live stream is posable and editing can be done in a glance. I find it funny that news shows only show what they want you to see, or for that matter people as if they just stumbled on it. sometimes that may be true but how many people are get the same footage and the same start and finish points . that what the press is supost to gather. second how many reporters go out on site and how many just read second hand stories and add there two cents.

  • Guest
  • Roy Fagon wrote on October 2019

Watched Netflix's "The loudest Voice".

This shows that FOX is just a propaganda machine

  • Guest
  • Jay wrote on March 2020

Hannity must get a paycheck from Trump. He is so pro Trump it's not event funny. News should be objective and so pro party. For example, Fox make coronavirus look like a conspiracy against trump. now they are changing their tone but they are so pro Trump it's ridiculous.

  • Guest
  • robert wrote on June 2020

I see fox news go after rep. all the time. cnn would not ever go after a dem!!!

  • Guest
  • Dr Colin Colin Benjamin OAM FAICD MAASW wrote on July 2020

As an Aussie who seriously views both Channels each night to see the alternative American perspectives compared to other global news coverage, it’s important to distinguish between genuine news coverage and both CNN and Fox spin doctors efforts to reinforce their base. Reading through the comments above suggests a very divided USA that appears to be locked into an adversarial battle defined in terms of Left as pro Socialist and Right as pro Conservative with only the occasional The Five attempting to be aware of the vast Middle America that is scared by the battle of very old guys vs a better educated new audience that is escaping to their own favoured social media. Analysis of the actual news content shows that CNN tends to be more global and woke while Fox tends to be more local and nationalist. After dark neither even attempts to be objective, fair or balanced but

as they shift from what’s new and different to what’s yesterday’s opinion piece and locked in a predictable bubble, by which time it’s time to switch to news from other continents.

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