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Difference between and

How things have changed. Technology has advanced to the extent that we can just sit at home and apply for jobs that are suitable for us. This is all possible with the advent of such sites as and These sites have allowed us to live an easygoing life because now we do not need to drive a thousand miles in search for the perfect job but simply go online and do our research, submit our resume and wait to be contacted! It really is just about as easy as that now so let’s take a look at two of the best options for online job hunting that the Internet has to offer.

Their Core

Since 2008, saw a major decline in their management of job applicants as more and more users started to deactivate their accounts. It initially was a well positioned site but now with their new upgraded software users find it hard to look for a job let alone get one! On the other hand, gives immediate results, is more user friendly and more authentic as well. This is a plus option because other sites may pose problems in areas that has aced and therefore stands as a favorite to many.


At one time was the hands down favorite but now complaints have been logged over the top telling of how the site has become less user-friendly and people are finding it slow running. users are loving the straightforward interface presents and the dependability it has built around itself. In addition, advises users on writing resumes and lets users indulge in a variety of discussion forums. This helps users learn more from other people’s experiences and help them to make better decisions for themselves.

The Drawbacks

Even though is a very good job-hunting site, those who have a non-IT background will not do you as much good. Most of the jobs that are listed on this site require experience in IT. However, has an easier application process in comparison to One should not incline towards because of this reason because the odds are more in favor of overall. has a lot more to offer than just jobs and this includes individual attention when it comes to helpful guides such as career advice.


In the game of job-hunting, online jobs are having problems such as extreme frauds taking place. This has become a very well known and ordinary problem today. People seem to think twice before actually seeing whether to submit their personal details or not. In this area, is 100% authentic and gives the best performances. It is a favorite because:

  • Dice has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to hunt for jobs and apply for them as well
  • Dice has a good reputation in the market in comparison to, who has seen a massive decline in the past 2 years or so.
  • is the best option because of the numerous job listings from all around the world. is also appreciated for its career advice as well.

Which website is more user friendly?

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  • Brent wrote on April 2010

Monster was good back in the early days, but is full of a lot of fake or expired ads now. I consider it worthless. So do most of the people I've talked to.

Most of the responces I got when I was searching last year were from Dice, and I think it's a decent service.

Of course, I ended up actually getting something the old fashion way....contacts.

Dice is Cool

Dice is not as authentic as Monster

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