Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates

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Difference between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

In our modern society, there are often people that we admire and look up to; these people are often rich and very successful. Some people make it big, some make it bigger and some make it the biggest. People who make it the biggest often times become celebrities; they are treated like celebrities and admired for their entrepreneurship. A perfect example of this would be two of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world are Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. These two legendary entrepreneurs have revolutionized technology and have changed the world by bringing us computers and the way we look and use these computers in the modern world.

Revolutionary Inventions

The word Windows often goes hand in hand with the personal computer, thanks to Bill Gates. He invented Microsoft Windows, the operating software that is used in virtually all personal computers today. Bill Gates invented the Windows operating software, and it became so successful that it made him a billionaire, in a very short span of time. Likewise, Steve Jobs founded Apple computers which had its own fans. Recently, there has been a huge interest in Apple computers, especially in MAC books and lately, Steve Jobs got a further boost with the launch of the iPhone.

Personal Wealth

When it comes to personal wealth, a Bill Gates most certainly takes the cake. Gate's personal wealth is estimated at $50 billion dollars. While Steve Jobs is nowhere near that, his personal wealth is estimated at $5.1 billion dollars.

Personal Life and Education

Gates is happily married to Melinda (formerly, Melinda French), who is from Dallas, Texas. The Gates' have three children and a beautiful mansion which overlooks lake Washington in Medina, Washington. On the other hand, Jobs is married to Laurene (Powell), and they also have three children. Jobs also has a daughter from a previous relationship. Bill Gates attended Lakeside School and graduated 1973 and then enrolled in Harvard University, but later dropped out in 1975.  Steve Jobs, graduated from high school and attended Reed College, however, he dropped out after attending only one semester.

Similarities and Differences

  • Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are highly admirable business tycoons; they are a role model for today's entrepreneurs. Most people also consider them celebrities for bringing computers to the masses. They often are treated like celebrities, but nevertheless, they both are good down to earth people, despite being one of the world's richest peoples.
  • Steve Jobs invented the Apple computer, which was one of the earliest personal computers, he also invented the Mac Book and of course the ever popular iPhone. While Bill Gates invented the Microsoft Windows operating system as well as the first mass produced personal computers.
  • Both of these business tycoons are extremely rich, however, Bill Gates wealth is by far the biggest. He's estimated to have assets over $50 billion dollars. However, a Steve Jobs only has $5 billion dollars worth of assets.
  • Both of these business tycoons are married with children.
  • Bill Gates went to Harvard but later dropped out; likewise, Steve Jobs went to Reed College and also dropped out.

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Who is the better visionary?
  • Steve Jobs
  • Bill Gates

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