Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates

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Difference between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

In our modern society, there are often people that we admire and look up to; these people are often rich and very successful. Some people make it big, some make it bigger and some make it the biggest. People who make it the biggest often times become celebrities; they are treated like celebrities and admired for their entrepreneurship. A perfect example of this would be two of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world are Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. These two legendary entrepreneurs have revolutionized technology and have changed the world by bringing us computers and the way we look and use these computers in the modern world.

Revolutionary Inventions

The word Windows often goes hand in hand with the personal computer, thanks to Bill Gates. He invented Microsoft Windows, the operating software that is used in virtually all personal computers today. Bill Gates invented the Windows operating software, and it became so successful that it made him a billionaire, in a very short span of time. Likewise, Steve Jobs founded Apple computers which had its own fans. Recently, there has been a huge interest in Apple computers, especially in MAC books and lately, Steve Jobs got a further boost with the launch of the iPhone.

Personal Wealth

When it comes to personal wealth, a Bill Gates most certainly takes the cake. Gate's personal wealth is estimated at $50 billion dollars. While Steve Jobs is nowhere near that, his personal wealth is estimated at $5.1 billion dollars.

Personal Life and Education

Gates is happily married to Melinda (formerly, Melinda French), who is from Dallas, Texas. The Gates' have three children and a beautiful mansion which overlooks lake Washington in Medina, Washington. On the other hand, Jobs is married to Laurene (Powell), and they also have three children. Jobs also has a daughter from a previous relationship. Bill Gates attended Lakeside School and graduated 1973 and then enrolled in Harvard University, but later dropped out in 1975.  Steve Jobs, graduated from high school and attended Reed College, however, he dropped out after attending only one semester.

Similarities and Differences

  • Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are highly admirable business tycoons; they are a role model for today's entrepreneurs. Most people also consider them celebrities for bringing computers to the masses. They often are treated like celebrities, but nevertheless, they both are good down to earth people, despite being one of the world's richest peoples.
  • Steve Jobs invented the Apple computer, which was one of the earliest personal computers, he also invented the Mac Book and of course the ever popular iPhone. While Bill Gates invented the Microsoft Windows operating system as well as the first mass produced personal computers.
  • Both of these business tycoons are extremely rich, however, Bill Gates wealth is by far the biggest. He's estimated to have assets over $50 billion dollars. However, a Steve Jobs only has $5 billion dollars worth of assets.
  • Both of these business tycoons are married with children.
  • Bill Gates went to Harvard but later dropped out; likewise, Steve Jobs went to Reed College and also dropped out.

Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

Bill Gates Speech at Harvard

Two Geniuses together

Bill Gates Talks about Steve Jobs and Apple

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in 1983 Apple Event

Who is the better visionary?
  • Steve Jobs
  • Bill Gates

Discuss It: comments 28

it would be great if the two put aside their technical differences and made everything work together, and give all mac users updates so that they can work seemlessly with windows-computers... Ahh, what a dream.

Bill Gates is out of his shell and helping poor people. I've not seen any charity work from Steve.

Thats so true Bill is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

  • Guest
  • Nishant Agrawal wrote on March 2016

Bill is doing charity work because he wants to improve his image in front of the people. There was a time when people hated Gates for his business tactics and does'nt want to buy his Windows and PCs. To improve his name and image in front of people he opened his charity foundation.

  • Guest
  • Joseph C Lawrence wrote on May 2010

You might have mentioned possibly the most interesting fact, that Apple invented the windows type GUI, with 'windows' and the mouse/cursor system. You completely make it sound like Microsoft invented it, which is not true at all.

  • Guest
  • Francis wrote on September 2010

I strongly agree to your post. A lot lacking on this article.

  • Guest
  • Anon User wrote on October 2011

you might also remember that it wasnt steve jobs that invented it, but xerox back in mid 70's, oh and MS was the one writing code for the earie apple macs.

I'm sorry that's not true at all - the windows based gui was actually designed by IBM - trademarked by Apple...

  • Guest
  • Thos Franz wrote on March 2011

First of all, Bill Gates' Windows was an attempt to jump on the bandwagon that Steve Jobs started with the Macintosh. Gates was a 'johnny-come-lately" in this and Windows still doesn't come near to matching Mac OS in stability and virus resistance. If you think Gates' charity work makes him the 'good guy', don't forget how he came upon his billions. He tried to artificially control the market to benefit MS, which he could do since MS had the lion's share of the market, and that only happened because 3rd party companies made cheap computers that used his operating system. Give him credit for marketing, not for innovation or ethics. He was the greatest stifler of competition and innovation. Don't think Gates' charity work is altruistic. He uses it for self-promotion and and won't allow Apple products to be used in his educational charities. In fact, he won't even let his wife use Apple products. Talk about self-interest. Steve Jobs does keep a tight rein on Apple products but that has led to consistency of quality and amazing innovation due to his vision. If Steve Jobs is involved in charity work, he doesn't make a big display of it the way Gates does. Maybe he's just too busy fighting for his life.

  • Guest
  • Anon User wrote on October 2011

if it wasnt for bil gates making it possible for everyone in the entire world to use a computer, technology wouldnt be as advanced as it is today.

steve jobs wanted to control every aspect of his businness, and charging us way more than the products were actually worth, bill gates on the other hand made it possible for everyone to use a computer somthing which steve jobs failed,,

you really think that if bill gates had never existed billions of people would be using computers and be able to actually afford them. u must joking.

  • Guest
  • John Smith wrote on August 2011

Have the two of them ever got together and had a serious "final" solution?

I know it would be great if Steve and Jobs Worked together

I think it is amazing how steve reached all those feats with all the set backs in his life. we should admire that in the first place. The speech he made at stanford university in 2005 tells a lot about his charactor. He really was a rare original. who was,

brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world & talented enough to do it..

R.I.P steve jobs!

Okay this is what i think if just mac and pc put together there comanys that would be so awsome

Windows on a mac

Mac would have such good programs and pc would not freeze any more if they colided

what ever apple is the best!

Well you cant say that, If you say apple is better than your saying Steve is better than Bill wich is not true. They are

totaly tied!

  • Guest
  • veggiedude wrote on October 2011

"Bill Gates is out of his shell and helping poor people. I've not seen any charity work from Steve."

Good for Bill! He gave away $27 billion and that is nothing to sneeze at. However, he can give away another $42 billion before he is as poor as Steve Jobs. What is he waiting for? I mean, really!

i agree dude totally!!!!!!!

i agree bill is being so nice while jobs is working on his job so i think bill

,But bill is better at computers and jobs is better at phones>>>>>/

I agree with Dan but Bill is better

Ok this is the end of the chat Ubuntu is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!by far

I know Bill is better so far on the votes 57 for Bill and 43 for Steve so far!!

Okay, so Bill is better by a vote of 57 to 43. But what exactly is Bill better at? Bill likes to brag about how he started from nothing, but it's Steve who started his business from a garage, while Bill started in the board room where his mommy knew the CEO of IBM. Bill is the better suck up.

Bill wants you to believe he "invented" Windows, but he merely copied the innovations from Steve's operating system. Does anyone remember the "look and feel" lawsuits where Bill "justified" his intellectual theft by making some wealthy judges? Bill is better at pay offs.

Bill wants you to believe he was a catalyst in technology, but his record shows he actually did more to inhibit technology. Does anyone remember NetScape? After Bill illegally crushed them, the truth was so obvious even the judges he paid off had to find him guilty, but the "penalties" they assigned in the case still made him a winner. Bill is a better crook.

(With apologies to those who lack an understanding of economics, Bill's contempt for competition drove him to make lower quality products, not better. If Steve's company wasn't around pressuring Bill, there's no telling how low Bill would have gone.)

Truly, the only real innovation Bill invented was the software lease, where you don't actually own the software you buy, and Bill didn't have to honor software warranties. In fact, over and over he promised functionality that never existed, but people would buy it because it was cheap. When the functionality didn't work, Bill would put out another release and charge you for the "fixes" while promising new ethereal functionality. Specifically, 57% of the votes acknowledge that Bill is the best con artist!

And Bill wants you to believe that he is a great philanthropist. Sure, his lawyers created the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but whose money is he giving away? Very little money came from Bill's coffers; somewhere over 99% is other peoples' money. Warren Buffett donated over half of the funds, but I haven't heard him bragging about it. Bill is the biggest phoney.

Well, there you have it. That's what the majority voted for.

  • Guest
  • Bhushan sahu wrote on April 2012

Steve is great....but he is not now....

Both of them have a great contribute with the world. We must give thanks for their wisdom and knowledge. Thanks for this article i learn something. Keep up the good work.

One word at all this **** painting steve as a poor guy wearing a pair of jeans and thinking how to make everyone´s life better by building desired plastic ****: FoxConn. Well, if u don´t have a clue, google it



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