American Red Cross vs. Americares vs. Care

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Difference between American Red Cross, Americares and Care

With the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Peru, many people are wondering how they can get involved and help. Such natural disasters that left impoverished nations crippled is heartbreaking and many are doing more than just donating money. Many are reaching out and actually trying to find out how they can actually help. The biggest crisis relief organizations in the United States are the American Red Cross, AmeriCares, and CARE.  For those that may not be familiar with these organizations, we will look at how each helps in times of disaster. 

How They Help

American Red Cross has been the most influential in disaster relief and are the ones sending volunteers to affected areas to pitch in and help with medical needs like health care and basic provisions. AmeriCares also does this, but places more emphasis on their total monetary donations and corporate sponsors. CARE specifically deals with self education to eradicate poverty and gain self sufficiency. CARE also has an emergency response unit they deploy in times of great need.

How To Get Involved

American Red Cross and AmeriCares accept volunteers in times of crisis. There are training materials on the ARC website and links to courses that help educate in humanitarian aid. They go over everything you need to know, from times when it is unsafe to send volunteers to what they are looking for in terms of volunteers from specific fields.

As far as continual involvement, the American Red Cross encourages donating blood to help save lives. They also take missionaries year round to help impoverished nations and help military families stay in contact. AmeriCares and CARE encourage monetary donations year round and AmeriCares also offers training on how you can help. CARE accepts continual partnerships from corporate sponsors and welfare aid. CARE partners with women's groups and corporations to empower women and educate them to educate their families about self sufficiency. Getting involved year round, you can volunteer to become a part of their emergency response team. Positions include: Team Leaders, Program Assessment Coordinators, Safety & Security Advisors, Logisticians, and Proposal Writers.  Specialists in Information and Media, Project Management, Water & Sanitation, Shelter & Reconstruction, Public Health & Nutrition and Food Security & Distribution.

Other Services

The American Red Cross offers blood drives, the ability for you to host a local blood drive and they also give you seasonal tips on how to survive weather related disasters.  With the Red Cross you can also volunteer to help at local shelters, donate clothes and other supplies at drop off locations near you and help donate care packages to those serving in the military. With AmeriCares, you can volunteer with their free clinics and CARE allows you to join their social networking site, add your own profile and stay up to date with the latest volunteer efforts and sign up for them as well. 

Similarities and Differences

  • CARE specifically deals with self education and eradicating poverty.
  • American Red Cross and AmeriCares are organizations that are better suited for handling national and international crisis by offering humanitarian volunteer efforts. 
  • You can find training materials on both American Red Cross and AmeriCares websites. The American Red Cross also has donation centers worldwide and encourages Americans to get involved by donating blood if they can not donate anything else. Donating blood can be done year round and not just in times of crisis. 

American Red Cross and Americares and Care Video

Which charity are you most likely to donate to?
  • American Red Cross
  • Americares
  • Care

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