Bull Fighting vs. Dog Fighting

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Difference between Bull Fighting and Dog Fighting

Animal fighting is a commonly practiced sport in many parts of the world. The most popular forms are cockfighting and bullfighting, although different cultures also practice horse fighting and dog fighting to varying degrees. The legality of such sports is often subject to discussion and scrutiny, although many countries practice specific forms openly, with no government intervention whatsoever. Nevertheless, there are a few forms of animal fighting that are officially considered illegal, although they are still practiced covertly in remote areas.

Bull Fighting
Dog Fighting

The Sport

Bullfights are traditionally comprised of three stages. The first stage of the sport involves picadors that stab the bull in the neck causing blood loss that weakens the bull. Banderillos then come into the ring and stab the bull in the shoulders, causing it to bow its head in preparation for the kill. The spears used in this step are left in the bull's shoulders throughout the event, and this causes more and more tissue damage as well as continuous bleeding.

After the bull has been weakened, the matador then enters the ring for the "fight". This is when the characteristic flouncing and taunting occurs, which is intended mainly to entertain the audience. After building the crowd up to a frenzy, the matador moves in for a kill, which is executed with a sword inserted into the aorta. In many cases, the matador will actually miss the aorta, resulting in a longer period of suffering for the animal.

In dog fighting, the dogs are basically set loose in an enclosed ring or pen and encouraged, baited, and forced to fight each other until one of them dies from injury. These animals are easy enough to convince to fight, since they have been raised under extremely harsh and brutal conditions. In fact, such animals have been bred specifically to kill, which makes them ideally suited to the rigors of the ring. Spectators have also been known to prod the dogs on with pointed objects.

The Legality

Bullfights are still legal in countries such as Mexico, Spain, various countries in Europe and South America, and even in the U.S., although there is an increasing clamor for banning the sport. While such sports have come under increased legal scrutiny in recent years, they are not likely to be banned entirely since they are responsible for considerable tourist revenue.

Dog fighting is definitely illegal throughout the United States and the District of Columbia, although it is still practiced in several cities. In fact, a widely publicized case involving a popular sports figure emphasized the popularity of the sport in the underground.

Animal Cruelty Issues

In addition to the cruelty that bulls undergo in the ring during the match, they are typically deprived of food, water ands sunlight. In addition, they are also given drugs or laxatives that make them weaker.

Dog fighting is already cruel enough in itself, but the ill treatment begins way earlier, with the dogs constantly beaten and abused and subjected to some pretty harsh conditions. In addition, the animals are also made more vicious by baiting them with smaller dogs and other animals.

Similarities and Differences

Bull fighting

  • Legal in certain jurisdictions
  • Animals are subjected to harsh treatment before and during the event
  • A source of tourist revenue in many countries

Dog fighting

  • Almost universally illegal
  • Animals are subject to extremely harsh living conditions
  • Practiced widely in underground venues in many cities
Which is more cruel?
  • Bull Fighting
  • Dog Fighting

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