YouTube vs. MetaCafe vs. DailyMotion

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Difference between YouTube, MetaCafe and DailyMotion

YouTube, MetaCafe and DailyMotion are all video hosting service websites. They enable users to upload their videos on Internet. Once users upload videos, these sites store them in their servers and enable the rest of the world to watch these videos in a hassle free manner. These websites have enabled Internet users to save on bandwidth cost to share their favorite videos with others. Also, they have created a common place for sharing for videos among like-minded people. Without any advanced software knowledge, one user can upload and share the videos on these websites. They are the most enriched user generated video content source of the web space.



Though the domain name of Dailymotion was registered earlier to YouTube, its inception was a month later YouTube's. From 2008 February, Dailymotion is capable of supporting 720P of video content. In June 2009, Dailymotion started its blog capable of supporting HTML 5. In July 2002, MetaCafe was founded in Tel Aviv. It was a joint venture of some Israeli entrepreneurs. From a benchmark capital of 3 million USD in 2006, MetaCafe reached 30 million marks in August 2007. Three previous employees of PayPal started YouTube. Search business giant Google acquired YouTube in October 2006. By end of 2008, YouTube had business agreements with other corporate measures like MGM, Lions Gate Entertainment and CBS,

Services Provided

Through Dailymotion users can browse video content on Internet through tags and channels. There are several user-created groups on this website too. For convenience of users, Dailymotion also shows the search results depending upon popular searches. Users can upload up to 2 gigabytes video files in this website. Maximum length of the file is 20 minutes. To access video content at MetaCafe, you can either surf through the site, or seek the help of third party websites and software application packages. To watch video files on YouTube, the user does not need to be a registered one. User-generated video files, movie clips, TV clips, music videos and video blogging are some of the facilities available at YouTube.


Though all of them are video hosting websites, each of them has unique and distinct specialties.  YouTube has announced to stream a few popular sporting events. For official users, DailyMotion provides several added advantages. They are profile customization, unlimited video upload length, better visibility for the uploaded video and facility to upload high definition (HD) videos. Specialties of MetaCafe are automatic elimination of duplicate video files, filter for adult content, ranking system for the uploaded videos and Wiki-editing of metadata.

Similarities and Differences

  • Each of these video hosting websites has minimized the cost of video sharing and watching. Along with that, they have also enabled people to watch streamed video in a hassle free manner.
  • YouTube, MetaCafe and DailyMotion have played a significant role in depicting public opinion. As uncensored, they have helped in freedom of expression in many communist countries.
  • The role of these video websites during Iranian election and Haiti earthquake is exemplary. This way technology is helping social causes.
Which is the best web video site?
  • YouTube
  • MetaCafe
  • DailyMotion

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Thx. Very detail and useful comparison. BTW, I have needs to download videos for offline view. I find a video downloader named free video finder is quite useful for downloading YouTube and Dailymotion videos.

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