Kindle vs. Sony Ereader

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Difference between Kindle and Sony Ereader

Reading E-books is one of the passionate activities that can be used to derive fun with families and pals. The best part about E-books is that they are entertaining and informative. The information is contained in them in a crisp manner which ensures that people complete them till the end. Also, these E-books are written on relevant topics that are very important to know in the daily hum-drum of lives. Sony Ereader and Amazon Kindle have arrived as the most popular Ebook readers nowadays. Both the E-book readers work on the eink format. Both these E-readers have 6 inches screen. Both the E-readers offer the user the advantage of going through the E-book without resorting to an additional use of light. The E-books can be read in sunlight only. The readers also don't get any glare on the screen enjoying the complete fun of the Ereading experience due to the use of eink.


The Sony E-book reader allows users to read all the E-books that are procured via the Sony Connect E-book store. Apart from E-books the users can also decipher adobe PDF documents and RSS newsfeeds on it. The users have a higher amount of freedom with the Amazon kindle because all the books that one can get hold of through Amazon can be read on this device. This is not true with Sony E-reader where the readership is only restricted to books covered by the BBeB format i.e. they are properties of Sony E-book store.


Amazon kindle is a more user-friendly product since it has a keyboard unlike the Sony E-reader. This keyboard is quite useful since it aids the users in finding the content stored on the reader. It is very easy to turn pages of the E-book with the help of buttons placed on the right and left sides of this keyboard.

Internet availability

Internet accessibility is possible with Amazon kindle. However it is not a possibility with Sony E-reader. Since the Amazon kindle has a small screen size of 6 inches, internet surfing is not a great experience. Although you can't predict the surfing experience, today most websites are prepared keeping the users with small screens in mind.


Both the products also differ in terms of costs. Sony E-reader is priced at $300 whereas Amazon Kindle has a starting price of just $259.

Similarities and Differences

  • Shock-proof.

    It all depends on the choice of the reader. However, if you have the habit of reading E-books while traveling, then Amazon kindle is an excellent choice since it's endowed with drop testing. The reader can't just get broken on a fall. This is also beneficial since the users don't need to replace the reader when it gets harmed under normal usage conditions.
  • Specifications.

    Kindle has not been designed for easier portability. It is longer and broader than Sony's E-reader, but the screen specifications are the same. It is also a bit heavier than E-reader by 1.4 ounces.
  • Looks.

    If the looks of your E-book reader are quite crucial to you, then Sony E-reader is a better choice as compared to Amazon kindle.
Which is better?
  • Kindle
  • Sony Ereader

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  • Wynne . 3+ yrs. ago

If these companies ha half a brain they would add attaching notes, highlighting text, solar panels on the back for eternal running, and target this DISCOUNTED version strictly for schollastic campuses and high schools at a steep discount... I hated to carry 60 pounds of books all around campus for one flipping class at the end of the day. Talk about saving a forest uber eco friendly solution... but no, these blind-as-bats board members have zero interest in anything that lacks instant return in investment.

  • ruben rubert . 3+ yrs. ago

without doubt kindle is the champion but with so many tablets are available in the market now it is hard to judge that spending only in the e-book reader is viable or not

  • Shelley . 3+ yrs. ago

I have a Sony eReader and my mom was asking me about a Kindle as she is interested in gettng an eReader. Kindle does not support the international EPUB ebook standard so she would have to get a program that would allow her to convert EPUB formats to be used by Kindle. I'm not sure how user friendly Kindle would be for her. I am in Canada and can borrow digital books from my public library with ease. She is a snowbird so could probably borrow books from a US lilbrary with a Kindle but I don't know how easy it would be for her to borrow books when she is back home here in Canada.

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