Adult Friend Finder vs. Match.Com: Dating Sites For Your Perusal

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Difference between Adult Friend Finder and Match.Com

Adult Friend Finder and should be familiar to anyone who is active in the online dating scene, but unless you have tried both, you probably wouldn't know very much about the other. Each has its relative advantages and disadvantages however, so a comparison of these two Internet dating sites would be more than worthwhile.


Adult Friend Finder is a website that offers sex and swinger oriented online community services. Founded by Andrew Conreux, the site basically makes it possible for people to make friends and meet potential sex partners online. is a site that offers online dating services, and it is reputedly comprised of over 20 million members, although this has been disputed. The company currently services over 25 countries with support for 8 languages. The company’s headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, and it has branch offices in West Hollywood, Tokyo, Rio, and Beijing. is under the ownership of InterActiveCorp, and has a combined global workforce of 340 people.


Adult Friend Finder originally started out as FriendFinder, a site that offered more traditional dating services. The brainchild of Andrew Conreux, the site quickly became one of the most visited on the Internet. Adult FriendFinder actually came about as a result of more and more FriendFinder members uploading pornographic pictures of themselves. FriendFinder has since branched off into several other communities each focused on different aspects. was started in 1993 by Gary Kremen, as part of an initial study for Electric Classifieds. The goal back then was to provide newspapers with classified advertising systems. The beta version of was offered in 1995, and was profiled in Wired Magazine in the same year. In February 2009, Match.Com's European holdings were purchased by Meetic to the tune of 5 million Euros and supposedly 27% shares in the company.


Adult Friend Finder is definitely not for those who are looking for a meaningful relationship, although you shouldn't necessarily rule it out. Nevertheless, Adult Friend Finder is unabashedly a sex oriented community site through and through, so be ready for almost anything.

If you are looking for a more traditional hook-up, might be more to your liking. The site is modeled after a more 'traditional' dating service, and there is more focus on the non-sexual aspects of a person’s personality. Here you can find potential partners based on their likes and dislikes, and even send messages to people you are interested in getting to know better.


Adult Friend Finder

  • A website that offers sex and swinger oriented online community services
  • Originally started out as FriendFinder, a site that offered more traditional dating services
  • Unabashedly a sex oriented community site

  • A site that offers more traditional online dating services
  • Reputedly comprised of over 20 million members
  • Currently services over 25 countries with support for 8 languages
  • Modeled after a more 'traditional' dating service


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