Apple Vinegar vs. White Vinegar: Household Cleaning Agents

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Difference between Apple Vinegar and White Vinegar

Apple vinegar and white vinegar are two of the most common types of vinegar used on a daily basis. However, there are many differences between these two vinegars and these differences affect the way in which people use each. Chief differences include the way in which they are produced, safety concerns with using the vinegar, and the many uses that people have for each.


Apple vinegar is produced from fermenting apple cider over a long period of time. Alternately, white vinegar is made from distilled alcohol. Because of the process in which these two vinegars are made, it does affect the way in which each is used. However, apple vinegar is a bit longer to produce, which is why a cost is associated with purchasing apple vinegar when compared to white vinegar.

Safety Concerns

There are many safety concerns that come along with people utilizing vinegar. However, white vinegar is more frowned upon simply because it can cause eye irritation if it does get into the eyes, however, that can be said about almost anything that people use. Because of this, when compared to apple vinegar, white vinegar is the safer of the two. Apple vinegar has been known to cause many health problems, such as itching and burning of the skin and if taken internally, it could cause the enamel on the teeth to rub off, as well as causing the esophagus to have its lining burned away. Overall, apple vinegar causes many more allergic reactions than white vinegar.

Uses for Each

Both of these vinegars are used in households throughout the nation. However, each vinegar is used in different ways. Apple vinegar seems to be used more for its health benefits. Those who use this often taken the vinegar diluted with water and find that they are helping their acid reflux, losing weight and so forth. It is also thought to help with controlling dandruff that a person may want to eliminate. In addition, it has been found that apple vinegar can help to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure as well.

White vinegar is mostly used for cleaning since it has many disinfectant properties about it, given that it is manufactured from distilled alcohol. Those that use white vinegar often use it to wash windows, to disinfect baby bottles, to clean hardwood floors, and to basically disinfect anything that they run across.

Similarities and Differences

Vinegar is just not vinegar, there are many different types out there. Two of the most popular ones are apple cider vinegar and white vinegar.

  • Apple vinegar is made from distilled apple cider.
  • White vinegar is made from distilled alcohol.
  • White vinegar hardly ever causes any side-effects to those who use it, making it the safer option of the two.
  • Apple vinegar can cause itching and burning of the skin, along with tooth enamel erosion and harsh affects on the esophagus lining if ingested.
  • Apple vinegar is basically used for health benefits that include lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, helping with acid reflux and losing weight.
  • White vinegar is used to disinfect and clean mostly.


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  • frank j wrote on June 2011

my dog was accidently sprayed in the eyes with a solution of white vinigar and water. will there be any long term effects and is there anything i can do to help ease the irritation?

  • Guest
  • YankeeInSC wrote on October 2015

Next time when you have an emergency, call a vet. Washing the eyes with clear, clean, warm water would have helped dilute the solution and help with irritation, poor dog. When you have an emergency, going online is time consuming. As you can see this is over four yrs later and someone is first answering you - crazy! How is your dog.

  • Guest
  • Nan Summit wrote on November 2019

Thank you for this article!

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