NRA vs. PETA: Gun Debate?

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Difference between NRA and PETA

The NRA and PETA are both organizations that have hundreds of members. Though that is just about where the similarities end between these two organizations, that have both been known to go to drastic measures to get their mission across to the public. The main differences between the NRA and PETA is the mission that each organization is set out to accomplish, the ways in which they make their point of view known to the public, and the way that the government responds to the organizations.



The mission of these two organizations are as different as night and day. PETA is involved in trying to make sure that the treatment of animals is completely justified and humane. For example, they do not encourage the testing of products on animals, they lobby for stricter laws against animal cruelty and so forth. Basically, anything having to do with animals is usually one of the issues that PETA is working on. The NRA on the other hand has the mission of protecting the Second Amendment and people's rights to own and carry firearms. They are also involved with making sure that gun safety is utilized by all those that are members and educating the public about gun safety.

How Point of View is Portrayed to Public

The way in which these two organizations get their message across to the public is very different. PETA has been known to sit outside of these corporations that use animals for testing and boycott the products, they are also well-known for the picket lines. They also advertise their message through bulletins, commercials and humane shelters throughout the country. The NRA uses a government platform for their message, and they are considered one of the most notable organizations for this. The NRA does hold benefits and so forth for the protection of the amendment to encourage people's acknowledgment of their message.

Government Response to the Organizations

The government has always responded to the NRA with open arms, or at least some of the members of government have. The reason is that the NRA is one that is associated with a branch of government more so than the other. Plus, the issue that the NRA deals with is government related. PETA on the other hand, rarely gets the publicity from the government that the NRA does because their message is not one that is involved with the law. However, there are quite a few members of government offices that hold PETA up on a pedestal.

Similarities and Differences

  • Both organizations goal is to make the world a better place, and many times the organizations butt heads because they each want something different.
  • PETA has the goal of making sure that all animals are safe and well cared for. They do look down upon the NRA because of the hunting that the organization promotes.
  • NRA is involved in making sure that the Second Amendment is protected and ensuring that gun safety is the priority of everyone out there.
  • PETA usually uses drastic measures in order to get their point across, such as boycotting a product or so forth.
  • The NRA uses lobbyists and the government as their platform since they are upholding the amendment.
  • The government usually listens to the NRA more so than PETA because the NRA is defending an amendment. However, there are those government officials that are huge supporters of PETA.


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