Red Cross vs. Salvation Army

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Difference between Red Cross and Salvation Army

Some wonder, which is better; the Red Cross or the Salvation Army. Many people are familiar with both of these organizations, however if you are not, here is some information that you may not already know and some of these facts could amaze you. Here are some things which people should know in order to understand better what they do and how they operate.

Social Services

Both Red Cross and the Salvation Army work to help those who need some help. They are considered to be a part of social services. They don't bill or make people pay for the services that they offer. They are a not-for-profit organization which means that they rely greatly on the donations that they get from individuals as that is how they get a large portion of their funding. Since they are not-for-profit, they can get more government assistance in the form of grants. However, this is a downfall as well due to the fact that if government decides to cut moneys, they are often cut in the sense of social services budgets. Both organizations must rely on those who contribute to fill in where the government can not.

Services Offered

Many people know the Red Cross as the people who draw blood and keep it on supply. The Red Cross helps with natural disasters offering clothing and shelter as well. While they both have many opportunities in which they serve, the Red Cross is more supportive of overseas work when natural disasters strike.

The Salvation Army has community centers which offer day care and church among other services, they take up a collection during Christmas where people donate money to those ringing bells outside of groceries and department stores, and they have a thrift store that sells mostly used clothing, furniture and household items.

International Services

The Red Cross goes to disaster stricken areas and stays for longer period of time. Not to mention, the Red Cross is who one calls when they need to get in touch with military personnel if there is an emergency.

The Salvation Army works more with people who are in the US. They do help with natural disasters and there have been such instances where there have been national disasters and they have loaded up teams to go help in affected areas. They have taken up food collections and clothing collections as well as money collections.

Similarities and Differences

They have many things that set them apart from one another, but they both help people in the time of need.

Both step up during times of a natural disaster. Red Cross does more natural disaster work while Salvation Army works to help low income families. Salvation Army and Red Cross are full time social services organizations which work for the good of those in need throughout the year.


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The red cross keeps money for themselves,and barely any goes to people in need. 90% of all collected from Salvation Army goes to the people. THAT is the most important fact!

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  • tracie rose wrote on September 2015

A friend was in a flood many years ago in Northern California. the Salvation army gave vouchers for purchasing new clothes, beds, food, linens, essentials. The Red cross set up a booth and handed out free coffee. That was the extent of the benefit from the red cross.

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