Personal Relationship vs. Interpersonal Relationship

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Difference between Personal Relationship and Interpersonal Relationship

In order for a person to succeed in life, an education is not the only thing that they will need. An education is a stepping stone to success, but one needs to develop their character and personality in order to mingle with other people. There's nothing wrong in being the silent type, but what matters is that you voice out your opinions or your concerns when the situation requires you to do so. If you decide to keep silent when you have a bright idea just because you are shy, you will find out one day that someone will have the same idea they will bask in the glory of maybe a promotion, a promotion that should have been yours if you had just spoken up.

Personal Relationship
Interpersonal Relationship

It Starts At Home

Whether you’re a parent, a teenager, a child or whatever category you fall under, you have to understand that the success you will have at work starts with the success you have at home. What I mean by that is you have to learn how to develop your charisma with family members and friends. If they are critical in judging you, then that's even better. Don't be shy to talk with them as you won't lose anything at all. When you start developing good relations with the people around you, then you can be also assured that you can develop the same good relations with people outside your home as they tend to be a little less critical initially.

Skillful Insights

The skills that I'm trying to give emphasis to in this article are called interpersonal skills. These are the skills needed for you to develop relationships with people outside your house, like people at work for example. Remember the saying 'no man is an island'? That just clearly states that one cannot function properly if they were to shut out everyone else either intentionally or unintentionally. This hurts even more for people who do it unintentionally as they want to develop relations with other people but just don't know how. This is a result of poor personal relationships they have at home. It is vital you develop your interpersonal skills if you want to reach your goals in life and those develop more fully when you begin to develop your personal relationships skills early on.

Their Relationship With Each Other

Interpersonal relations are better formed if you have good personal relations with your family and friends. Now it is possible that it can go the other way around, but that is highly unlikely as an average person spends more time with family and friends than with co-workers. Practicing good personal relationships with family and friends can bring out the skills necessary to develop good interpersonal relations. When you start to realize that there is no difference in the skills required to develop these two types of relations, you will find it best to work on these skills with family first.


  • Personal relationships are those relationships that a person develops with their family member and/or friends.
  • Interpersonal relations are the relations that a person has with people outside, people from work for example.
  • A person's interpersonal skill will greatly depend on how good he is with developing good relations with close family members.
  • The skills required for personal and interpersonal relationships are practically the same. Therefore it is best to practice these skills with family first as you have nothing to lose if you perform badly.
  • These skills cannot be taught at school as it is something that you have to develop yourself.

Which one is more difficult to master?
  • Personal Relationship
  • Interpersonal Relationship

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