Hitler’s Death vs. Bin Laden’s Death

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Difference between Hitler’s Death and Bin Laden’s Death

Bin Laden’s death was an event that was widely publicized the world over. For the people who opposed or supported his teachings and actions, his death was a newsworthy event indeed.  What many people don’t realize however is that this recent event has a number of similarities with the death of another influential figure several decades back' that of Adolf Hitler. In this article, we take a look at what both events have in common. 

Hitler’s Death
Bin Laden’s Death


Adolph Hitler was a German politician born in Austria. He initially became widely known as the National Socialist German Workers Party’s leader, and Germany’s Chancellor, a position that he held from 1933 to 1945. He was more famously known as the Führer und Reichskanzler of Germany from 1934 to 1945, with both positions essentially assigning him as head of state. Related to this position, Hitler also achieved notoriety as the leader of the fascist movement in Europe during World War II.

Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden was best known as the leader of al-Qaeda. This was a terrorist organization responsible for the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001. He was also linked to several attacks against civilian and military targets, many of which caused scores of casualties.


On April 30, 1945, with the Allied forces closing in on Germany, Hitler committed suicide by pistol in his bunker in Berlin. His wife Eva Braun also committed suicide, although she died by poisoning. Following Hitler's instructions prior to his death, both bodies were taken upstairs through the emergency exit of the bunker, and once outside, they were doused in petrol and burned. The remains were subsequently recovered by the Soviets and interred in different locations. In 1970, the remains were exhumed and cremated, with the ashes scattered soon after.

Bin Laden’s death occurred on May 2, 2011. He was killed by a U.S. Special Forces military unit during Operation Neptune Spear, in Pakistan. The attack was undertaken on orders of U.S. President Barack Obama. The actual raid was launched in Bilal Town, Abbottabad in Pakistan, with the primary target being bin Laden's compound. The body was brought to Afghanistan for identification before it was buried at sea a few hours later.

Similarities And Differences

Aside from the fact that both men were legendary and notorious figures all over the world, there are actually few similarities between their deaths. While Hitler’s death was the result of suicide, bin Laden’s death was caused by a team of United States special forces personnel.


Hitler’s death

  • Death was the result of suicide
  • Remains were doused in petrol and burned
  • Remains were later exhumed and cremated, with the ashes scattered

Bin Laden’s death

  • Killed by a U.S. Special Forces military unit during Operation Neptune Spear, in Pakistan
  • Body was brought to Afghanistan for identification
  • Body was buried at sea a few hours later


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