Nice Guys vs. Bad Boys

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Difference between Nice Guys and Bad Boys

Do nice guys finish last? Some do and some do not. We are going to talk about the differences in nice guys compared to bad boys i.e. jerks, macho men, or the insensitive. There have been a great number of speculations concerning women preferences of nice guys or the latter. It continues to be guesswork at the very best. There are different opinions expressed openly about whom women prefer in a relationship, although the topic and preferences are not entirely exclusive to the female; children, men, etc. After describing some characteristics and the advantages of both, you will be able understand why certain views are expressed.

Nice Guys
Bad Boys

Nice Guys Finish Last?

There are many definitions of what a nice guy is. For many, it is a man who does unselfish deeds while putting the need of others ahead of his. A man that is nice will steer clear of instigating a conflict with others. They find themselves doing favors for many people and giving emotional aid. They are great people to be friends with. As far as women go, there is a perpetual debate on whether or not a nice guy is as sexually appealing as their counterpart. Women tend to view nice guys as a potential committed, respectful, and a caring husband. Of course it works in retrospect for both sexes.

Characteristics Of Bad Boys

Bad boys have certain attributes that give them the label of being so. The characteristics imply but is never definitive since the characteristics of a bad boy can be slippery to analyze. Some might give men this label if it appears as they do not care about getting women or they will not go the extra yard in tolerating others. Sometimes the "bad" attitude relays information to others that they do not express their feelings well. Bad boys have a reputation to uphold and they always present themselves in such a fashion where they think they can obtain anything they want. They are pretty much counterparts of everything a "nice guy" does.

Views Theoretically Associated With Women

There is probably up to 100 different views and perspectives concerning nice guys and bad boys. Some women like the idea of being with a nice guy but for most part, it would never go past the casual or friendship level. Many women have a hard time being sexually intimate with guys who are too nice. The bad boy picture comes up in the men being hard to get. They are typically are not shy in sexual intimacy and they have loads of self-confidence. Nice guys have a hard time with dealing with their own self-confidence and are often times, self-abasing. The truth is, being too nice or too bad will more often than not put off women and decrease positive energy. A good mixture of both would be the ideal. Anyone who looks inside for their identity, believes in themselves and can flash a smile is always more attractive.


  • Nice guys put the needs of others before themselves
  • Bad boys will typically have a much better chance in intimacy
  • Bad boys are expressive sexually; whereas nice guys are really shy
  • Bad boys are usually self-centered and nice guys center on others
  • Confidence with a sense of humor is attractive

Which do women prefer?
  • Nice Guys
  • Bad Boys

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