Cocaine vs. Crack: Which is worse?

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Difference between Cocaine and Crack

Cocaine and crack are two forms of drugs that people smoke, snort and inject into themselves to try and make themselves feel good. Although this is never the case, it’s a false sense of feeling better because for those few moments or seconds you might feel like you've never felt before. However once coming down, you crave more and soon can only feel that good when on it. These two differ in many things like the way their made, taken, the effects they have, cost, and even what they consist of. Despite what many people who experiment with it think, both are very bad for you.



Crack comes in a rocky or white crystal rock form to be more exact. Cocaine on the other hand is in a white powdery substance. These two drugs also differ on which substance is purer then the other. Although there are various kinds and forms, crack is a purer substance then crack. Crack is a freebase form of cocaine and is smoked. Cocaine on the other hand, as a powdery substance, is sniffed or injected into ones body. Crack is also a mixture of cocaine and other substances that serve as a sort of filter.


The effects of crack and cocaine are very bad and can be life threatening. Aside from just going through physical changes, people get addicted and start to lose their jobs, home, and eventually everything they once had. As far as physical effects, some are rapid heart rate, depression, anxiety, anger and can affect your brain. The effects of crack can be felt within only 10 to 15 seconds, but cocaine takes about 10 to 15 minutes to be felt.


There are many dangers associated with doing drugs. Crack and cocaine are two drugs that have a lot more dangers because they are a lot more addicting and have a lot of mental affects along with them. Some other dangers are what they do to you financially. When you start getting addicted to crack and cocaine, you start to use all of your money on these drugs. They give you the feeling that you only will feel good when high. Eventually you lose your friends, family, job, house, car, and everything else that you have. Crack and cocaine also hurt your mind and your body. You stop eating and sleeping normally when using cocaine which affects your weight as well as your sanity. Your emotions also go through all sorts of issues while being high on cocaine and crack.


  • Both are addictive and entice users to a life full of pain and confusion.
  • Both crack and cocaine will alter your emotions and your mental state of mind.
  • Crack is generally smoked while cocaine is snorted or changed into liquid to be injected with a needle.
  • Both of these drugs are terrible for you and will only bring you down, ultimately making you lose everything you once had and more.
  • Death sometimes comes as a consequence of doing crack or cocaine.
  • Crack is in the form of a white crystal rock and cocaine is a powder.
  • If you suspect someone you know is trying drugs, get involved by talking about the dangers!


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