Girl Frog vs. Boy Frog

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Difference between Girl Frog and Boy Frog

Girl frogs are amphibians that are short bodied, have webbed toes, and bulgy eyes. Frogs do not have tails. Girl frogs are notably good jumpers due to their long and muscular legs. Frogs have porous skin so they prefer to live in humid areas. Girl frogs lay eggs in bodies of water.

Boy frogs are also amphibians and have all of the same characteristics of girl frogs. Some additional traits of frogs include their carnivorous diet and the distinctive throaty call they make. Frogs come in over 5,000 different varieties, making them one of the most assorted species of vertebrate animals.

Colors of Girl Frogs and Boy Frogs

One way to tell if your frog is a girl or boy is to determine which one is lighter skinned. Girl frogs typically have lighter coloring. It is hard to tell if the frog is a boy or girl unless it is mature. Boy frogs are likely the darker colored of the two.

Check the inside of the frog's front legs. Look for a black velvety patch and if you find one - it's a boy frog. Dark patches around the feet area can also help you to identify boy frogs. Check the throat area coloring also as most girl frogs are white underneath.

Sizes of Girl Frogs and Boy Frogs

In most species of frog, the girl frog is larger than the boy frog. Two frogs of the same species and age, but differing in size will normally be a boy and girl frog - the boy being the smaller of the two. There are differences in the sizes of the ears as well. Boy frogs have larger ears in most species of frogs.

If you happen to see a large frog with several smaller frogs upon its back - the larger is a girl frog and the smaller ones are boy frogs. Since reproduction takes place externally, there are occasions when groups of boy frogs will climb onto the back of a girl frog in order to fertilize the eggs.

Body Features of Girl Frogs and Boy Frogs

Again, the species of the frog will matter greatly in distinguishing characteristics of boy and girl frogs. The boy wood frog has rough pads on his thumb. They are lasting, dark patches the boy uses to grip the girl frog during the mating process. Some other species of boy frogs only develop the rough patches during mating season.

Girl frogs do not typically have rough thumb pads, regardless of the species. Another way to tell if your frog is a girl is to check the throat area of the frogs. Most girl frogs do not have a vocal sac. Girl frogs have smaller ears than boy frogs.

Similarities and Differences

Girl frogs and boy frogs are both amphibians that live in humid climates. Overall, girl frogs are larger than boy frogs although boy frogs have larger ears. On some species, such as the dwarf of frogs the girls have small stubs between their back legs.

It is nearly impossible to differentiate between boy and girl frogs until they are fully grown. Once they have reached sexual maturity you can check in between the front legs. If you find black markings it's a boy frog. The rough markings on the pads, called nuptial pads, are also an indication of a boy frog.

Which frog is easier to distinguish?
  • Girl Frog
  • Boy Frog

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